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Another year, Carnival has come into our lives. And bless him! How we like to party and if it’s dressed up, the better. That’s why when February arrives, despite the cold, We take to the streets to dance and celebrate the carnival. Because, Celia Cruz already said it: There is no need to cry because life is a carnival and it is more beautiful to live singing. So let’s listen to him and give it our all these days. Because the carnival is to be enjoyed and enjoyed, whether in Cádiz, Tenerife or Atlantis.

Whether dressed as Wednesday Addams, as a turtle, of Motomami or eighties singer, once on the street we all dance to the same songs. Or not? Because at carnival it doesn’t matter if you’re an indie lover or a reggaeton nut, you’re going to end up listening to the same old songs. Or maybe they haven’t played the song for you this year? Life is a party?

But Celia Cruz She is not the only one who has marked this party with her themes. Not at all. King Africa, Georgie Down or Maluma – yes, Maluma – have also made us dance in costume. At WECB, we collect 12 songs that have made you move at carnival. ¡Press play and enjoy! We leave you here the official WECB playlist:

King Africa – Humahuaqueño Carnavalito

King Africa knows how to make us dance in summer and also in the middle of winter. His Humahuaqueño Carnival. Perhaps a large part of the merit that we cannot stop moving when it plays is the contagious melody that emerged within Andean folklore. Come on, when King Africa made his version, Argentines had been dancing it for decades. And it doesn’t surprise us.

Carlinhos Brown – Bahia Samba

Another carnival classic. The Samba of Bahia of Carlinhos Brown It has become an essential topic these days. As if it were a siren’s song, its rhythm calls party lovers to go out and dance. Seriously, there’s something hooking about it. Could it be that it doesn’t matter where you are from that you can sing “eh, eh, eh, eh, eh” without any problem?

Celia Cruz – Life is a carnival

The classic of the classics. If the Carnival had an official anthem, without a doubt, it would be this great song. Celia Cruz. The singer not only became the Queen of salsa, but also the Queen of carnival.

Maluma – Carnival

Before Maluma was happy in a four-way relationship, he dedicated songs to the carnival. A very optimistic song that we may not have danced to as much, but over time.

Georgie Dann – Carnival

If someone wants to go to the carnival, it is Georgie Dann. The king of summer songs also has his anthem in February: Carnival. Another of the legendary songs of these dates. Or not?

I’m going to Rio – Chayanne

Chayanne I was clear, if I had to go to Rio de Janeiro to dance with her, then I would go. With an explosive sound, marked by the typical rhythms of the carnival, the Puerto Rican dedicated this love song to the carnival.

Fanfare – Sergio Mendes

Every carnival lover will recognize the rhythm of this song. The beginning, where the sound of a drum responds to an entire percussion group is simply impressive. It is not surprising that this has become one of the favorite songs of Brazilians to go out dancing at carnival. A delight.

Bellini – Samba de Janeiro

Like Bahia, the Samba de Janeiro It is also one of the most popular at carnival. With a frenetic pace, Bellini invites us to dance until we burst with this great song. Since 1997 he has made us give everything with our costume.

Open Formula – Carnival is here

In the midst of a post-OT 2017 hangover, we cannot forget one of the themes of the group of Open Formula: Carnival has arrived. The triumphs of the first edition released this single that, honestly, sounded very good.

Alejandro Sanz – And I don’t care what they tell me

In this playlist we couldn’t forgetThe carnivals of Cádiz. The Falla theater has given us great performances thanks to the Chirigotas, but if there is one that never goes out of style, it is the Chirigota The Yesterdays which he won in 1999 with And I don’t care what they tell me. Until Alejandro Sanz He dared to sing it a few years ago in Las Ventas!

Extra! Those Old Toughs

If you have experienced the Cádiz carnivals – and that does not mean drinking on Saturday night in the city – you surely know TOOld Hard Quellos. There is no man or woman from Cádiz who has not sung this song at the top of their lungs in the street. In fact, most even sing it backwards. Quite an anthem of these dates.

So if you don’t know the theme of any chirigota this year, sing Those Duros Antiguos, I’m sure more than one will follow you!

Extra number two! Rosalía – LLYLM

Rosalía also has a great song that takes us directly to the carnival. This is his latest song LLYLM. The song is a declaration of intentions where the Catalan takes us directly to a carnival. “And today is carnival. I’m from here and you’re from there.”

Come on, Rosi, like all of us, really wants to go out and give it her all with these songs. Which is your favorite?


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