“1989 (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift: we have ranked the 5 new songs from the reissue

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This Friday, October 27, “1989 (Taylor’s version)”, the new recording by Taylor Swift, was released. Published for the first time in 2014, the opus gets a new lease of life with 5 new tracks.

One again ? Eh yes. Taylor Swift releases new album. She is therefore signing her eighteenth record, at least if we add her ten official albums to her four live albums and especially her four reissues, commonly called “Taylor’s Version”. This time, it’s the “1989” album that’s getting a makeover. He is the one behind many hits, including “Blank Space” and “Wildest Dreams”.

As with her previous reissues, Taylor Swift also decided to add several new tracks to the album. In total, there are 5. It was very tempting to make a ranking and WECB therefore took on the task.

5. “Suburban Legends”

Let’s be clear, none of the five unreleased tracks on this reissue are bad. But this track is, in our opinion, the least essential on this album. Although it fits the album perfectly, “Suburban Legends,” is the least memorable.

If we had to remember only one sentence, it would be this:I broke my heart because you were too polite to do it “.

4. “Slut!” »

Released as an official single, “Slut! » is also a rather “all-purpose” piece musically. Nevertheless, the lyrics have the merit of being interesting. The singer points the finger at the media who have continued to be interested in her private life for years.

If we had to remember only one sentence, it would be this:Being so young is art. »

3. “Say Don’t Go”

Taylor Swift may have a model’s height and a bank account that could rival the GDP of a principality, but she knows how to tell stories about ordinary people. This talent is expressed in “Say Don’t Go”. This title is the story of a girl who begs her lover not to leave her.

If we had to remember only one sentence, it would be this:Why did you whisper in the dark / Just to leave me in the night / Now your silence makes me scream. »

2. “Now That We Don’t Talk”

“Now That We Don’t Talk” is Taylor Swift’s shortest song to date, but it has the merit of being a potential pop nugget. The lyrics discuss the difficulty of maintaining a cordial relationship during a romantic breakup.

If we had to remember only one sentence, it would be this:Now that we’re not talking / I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock. »

1. “Is It Over Now?” »

In an album filled with hits, “Is It Over Now?” » achieves the feat of being the most memorable. Taylor Swift sings about the difficulty of moving on from a past relationship when both people live in the public eye.

For many fans, this is a new title in reference to Harry Styles who she dated in 2012. And, honestly, based on the lyrics? It’s possible. With the words “ a blue dress on a boat? “, she seems to be referring to the famous photo of her, looking sullen on a boat, published by the Daily Mail in January 2013. A photo which would have been taken when she returned from vacation in the British Virgin Islands after their separation.

If we had to remember only one sentence, it would be this:Your new girlfriend is my clone. »


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