20 promising music artists that you should have on your radar for 2024: from ‘OT 2023’ contestants to ‘Benidorm Fest’ candidates

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New Year New Life! Entering 2024 allows us to set new goals and objectives, purposes with which to change or improve our habits, but also an opportunity to discover new music.

At WECB we have already noted in our agenda the future albums that we look forward to more or the concerts we want to attendjust as we have written our own letter to the Three Wise Men with the musical wishes that we would like to witness throughout the twelve months ahead of us.

Now, within all those key events and dates, there must be room to introduce new songs and artists to our playlists. Young musical talents who are beginning to take their first steps or stand out in the industry after several years of work and effort.

Here we leave you A list of the artists you should have on your radar for 2024:

1. Tate McRae

The Canadian has become star and national treasure after the publication of his second album Think Later. Her artistic personality (dancer, performer and composer) and their viral greedy either exes have placed Tate on the map internationally, among other countries, in Spain, where he has been Number 1 on WECB and next May he will offer two concerts with his tour: on the 20th at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona and on the 21st at the Palacio Vistalegre Arena in Madrid.

2. Juliet

The artist has managed to cross borders with her music in Catalan. She has already had three albums on the market, but it has been in recent months that she has gained popularity on streaming platforms and among some of the singers who are successful throughout Spain. Because she, in addition to collaborating with groups from Catalonia such as The Tyets or Figa Flawashas also gotten together with Belen Aguilera in the studio—to create Thelma and Louis and on stage in their last concerts of the year both in Madrid and Barcelona.

3. Joaquina

Recognized as Breakthrough Artist (Best New Artist) in the latest edition of the Latin Grammy 2023, Joaquina is a young Venezuelan who shares her teenage anguish in the form of a song. She is one of the composers who are behind songs like Darari, included on disk alpha by Aitana. Among his works, he published his first EP The best years last May and is already in the process of releasing his debut album, of which we already know the single I wanted to love you.


Carolina Isabel Colón Juarbe, a native of Puerto Rico, defines her musical project “as if Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa and Avril Lavigne had a baby.” Last 2023, she was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys in Seville.

She started uploading covers to YouTube and has ended up conquering artists of the stature of Shakira, Juanes and Ana Mena. Among his projects we find What I didn’t tell you, an album that “represents the moment in which I decided to choose myself.” The 12 songs on the album talk about everything that happened to him after the breakup of a relationship that was not doing him any good.

5. Borja

BORJA He is a young Catalan who dreamed of devoting himself to music since he was in high school, who trained at Berklee College and who one day decided to move to Miami to see if he could get an opportunity in the industry. And this 2023, his work efforts have borne fruit, positioning him as one of the nominees for Best New Artist at the 2023 Latin Grammys.

He has classical training, an enormous sensitivity for composing and a great projection within Spanish pop, the genre that he is passionate about and that he teaches in his album. Rhymes of the verb to love.

6. Íñigo Quintero

His viral song If you are not It placed him in countries where Spanish is not even the first language. With hardly any media exposure, with the help of the TikTok algorithm and thanks to a good investment and marketing strategy, he conquered the global lists of digital platforms and also the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 Preshow. With only two songs in his discography, for now , Íñigo Quintero is in all bets for 2024 to do something even bigger.

7. Carlos Ares

Born in A Coruña, he has been working in the industry for eleven years. Composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, He is one of the thinking heads and right hand of artists like Marc Seguí, Moon Ki or Paula Cendejaswith whom he has worked side by side on their respective projects, such as AAAAAA, Butterflies (ft. Pablo Alborán), MuuurakamiPaenamorar either Selena, among others.

This February 2024, Carlos will finally present Pilgrima debut album from which he has already offered some of his songs live ―Speed, Cicada, Still Here…― through some cities in our country in the company of musicians such as Begut, Christian Delgado, Antonio Tamargo, Mikaela Vázquez, Marcos Cao and Sergio Delgado.

8. Quique Niza

Actor and dancer, Quique has gone from starring UPA NEXT to be a strong candidate to represent Spain in Eurovision. He is the youngest of this edition of the Benidorm Fest and his song emerged from the camp that RTVE organized in its idea to use this festival as a platform to promote the careers of emerging artists. Prisoner which was born in those writing sessions and the result is an epic ballad with a punchy chorus, which also marks her debut as a singer.

9. Sofia Coll

Sofia Coll She is an actress, dancer and, ultimately, an independent artist. She sought glory in La Voz Kids, the OT 2018 castings and, finally, in Euphoriathe Catalan talent show of which she was proclaimed winner in its first edition.

He already has an album on the market, Genesis and, although it claims to move between pop and R&B, taking the original essence of these genres and mixing it with the newest sounds in the industry, for Benidorm Fest 2024 it has chosen Here to staya dance and trilingual song with which to break the stage and send a clear message: you don’t have to give up.

10. Sandra Monfort

This Valencian singer and songwriter, lover of Rodrigo Cuevas and Sevdaliza, has been dedicating her entire life to music. Behind her, she has a long history in the music industry as a classical guitarist with conservatory studies and a member of the group Marala.

In recent years, Sandra has decided to mark her path alonepublishing two studio albums: angel reptile child (2021) and The monkey (2023).

11. Xavier

Joshua Xavier Gutiérrez is a 19-year-old Mexican-American singer-songwriter who is making a name for himself in the music industry thanks to the success of The Devil and The victimwhich has conquered the very Karol G. The first hit, in addition, is being one of the songs of the beginning of the year: it has been crowned in the main global success lists on digital platforms.

12. Tyla

This young South African woman whose full name is Tyla Laura Seethal, had its musical debut last 2023 at Milan Fashion Week. However, the single that has raised him as one of the future promises of R&B worldwide is Toilet, the main single from his future first EP and a viral hit on TikTok thanks to one of the popular challenges launched on the platform. With this song, Tyla has topped the UK Afrobeat charts as well as charted on the Billboard Hot 100.being the first South African artist to do so after 55 years.

13. Lia Kali

This young woman is a Barcelona artist with a great record, capable of adapting to both a rap base and a jazz band. In 2023 she published her first album, Against all oddsin which he opens up to recount some of the most complicated episodes of his life.

Last year he already experienced his first tour as a solo artist, both in Spain and outside its borders, and has been crowned in some of the most important festivals nationwide, where he hopes to repeat with new repertoire throughout 2024.

14. Lara91K

Former member of the hip hop and pop duo Coral Casino, the Argentine Lara Artesi has conquered compatriots like Duki ―with whom he collaborated You are for me―, Neo Pisteo or Bhavi, and is increasingly gaining the love and recognition of the industry internationally.

His favorite genre is urban, although together with different styles he stands out, among other works, ID either Romance Mixtapemade up of 14 songs that talk about love and heartbreak.

15. Daniela Garsal

With R&B as a hallmark, great vocal power and a very own style, Daniela Garsal She is already one of the most prominent female artists in the Canary Islands, where artists such as Varleria Castro, Ptazeta, Quevedo, Maikel Delacalle and Cruz Cafuné have come from.

He has already released his first EP, but in 2024 he is on his way to publishing his first album. “I am preparing an album with Spinnheli (Canarian production company), which we have talked about but not started as such. Although we do have some songs. In addition to this album, those of La Liga (Vera GRV, Kristina, Daniela Garsal, Metrika, Georgia Scott, L0rna, Nieto666 created the Queens League anthem) we all want to make an album together,” she confessed in her last interview with WECB.

16. The Last Dinner Party

Your new favorite British indie band. Formed by Abigail Morris, Lizzie Mayland, Emily Roberts, Georgia Davies and Aurora Nishevcihave managed to be one of the revelation artists of last season, recognized by the Brit Awards.

With only four singles available (Nothing Matters, Sinner, My Lady of Mercy and On Your Side), The group has supported Florenes & The Machine, performed at different festivals in the United Kingdom and was part of the soundtrack of the video game EA Sports FC 24. In addition, they plan to release their debut album, Prelude to Ecstasyin February 2024.

17. Suzete

She has been the first to be expelled from OT 2023, but she already has her first single cooking in the oven (like many other colleagues, who are already working on it both inside and outside of The Academy). For now, we have as clues for this song the musical genre in which she is developing, afrobeat, and the title: Kombolewa (which means “free” in Swahili).

Although we have chosen Suzetethe 16 contestants are potential future stars and anyone could occupy this ranking: from Paul or Violeta to Chiara or Naiara, including Omar, Denna and Salma.

18. Marina Reche

Marina Reche He tried his luck at OT 2018 by appearing at his castings, where his sister Alba finally entered La Academia, with whom he shares all his concerns and worries, also on the music side.

The young woman has continued working on her passion and last 2023 she jumped into the pool and opened her heart to us with a EP titled clarity. The woman from Elche hopes to be able to tour throughout Spain, but also continue showing us her most personal compositions.

19. Guzmen

Born in Vigo, Guzmen He began uploading covers on social media a couple of years ago, where he caught the attention of followers, but also important record companies. In 2022 he became known to the world with several singles and his first EP Solo, which includes songs like You’re not anymore either Marseilles.

This 2024, the Galician has assured that an album (and tour) is coming, of which we already know one of its previews: Artificial heart.

20. Stella Maris

Fiction or not, one thing is clear: the Puig Baró sisters will be performing at Primavera Sound 2024 in Barcelona. Stella Maris Last December he released his first—and, for now, only—album: The house smells like glory. Like Íñigo Quintero, his Christian pop has conquered the world, and despite the fact that The Messiah by Javi Ambrossi and Calvo has culminated as a miniseries, we must keep an eye on the group’s activity in case they decide to continue their musical career.

Who have you already signed to follow in their footsteps in music?


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