40 things about KYR4, by KYR4: “In the artistic part I spit out what I keep in my introverted part”

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KYR4better known in its day-to-day life as Elia, was born in A Coruña in 1999 and since she was little she was linked to the world of music. In 2022 she began to participate in cock battles in which she generated great expectations and in 2023 she surprised with her first EP, Sad eyes.

In this work, he brings together in five songs – I, Business, Dreams, Where are you? and Everlasting – references and sounds of various musical styles, from rap to rock, a genre of which KYR4 has been drinking since the beginning. The artist from A Coruña has also participated in cockfights, which she remembers based on her experience as a woman in a very masculine world that “in terms of people’s reception, I didn’t see very different things, but I did see “I would have liked more girls to dare to fight.”

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Before launching this project, the Galician artist already made herself known with several singles such as Singing in your ear, Old, Homesickness either Deja vu in which he collaborates with Daniela Garsal. In addition, he has said goodbye to 2023 with a theme, which he shares with Shoren and SokeThugpro, It’s not you anymore, in which we can hear his most melodic side and in which he tells a story of overcoming a breakup. Regarding this single, he states that “it is a song that maintains a lot of the essence with which I started but that also has a certain evolution both in musical and visual quality. And the collaboration with Shoren and Soke, the truth is that I I had a great time with them in the studio, so I’m pretty proud.”

The Galician musical and urban scene is full of great musicians and artists who come up with very interesting proposals, Elia He acknowledges that “it has always seemed to me that in Galicia there is an enormous amount of talent, what it needs is to stop throwing stones at each other between provinces and get everyone together.” In addition, he highlights artists like “Tanxugueiras and Hard GZ”.

And if I said goodbye to the year with new music, I couldn’t start 2024 any other way than with more music. This January 31, KYR4 threw Do not Cry, their second EP. Which will present live next February 23 at the Cadavra Club room in Madrid.

40 things about KYR4, by KYR4

1. Full name: Elia Galdo Maira

2. Year and city of birth: 1999, A Coruña

3. Favorite musical genre: I would say rock

4. The first memory related to music: Listening to the songs my parents played in the car when I was a baby

5. Favorite artist: It would be between POD and Slipknot

6. Song that reminds you of your childhood: ‘Back and forth’ by Jarabe de Palo

7. Song to go in the car: ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers

8. Song you have on loop right now: Bizarrap session with Young Miko

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9. What song by another artist would you have liked to compose? ‘It hasn’t stopped hurting’ by Raúl Rojas

10. What was your first time in a recording studio like? Well, I was, I think, around seventeen years old and I basically went in and got dizzy with so many little machines I saw.

eleven. Study or concerts? I like both. Yes, it is true that when I learn to enjoy them more, I know that I will like concerts more.

12. Dream collaboration: With any of the Space Hammu collective

13. Own collaboration that you are most proud of: I would say ‘The French’ with Reality

14. Social network you use the most: Instagram

fifteen. Something about KYR4 that few people know: Probably he used to do taekwondo

16. The phrase you always repeat to yourself: Come on Elia, get to work

17. What do you do before you go on stage? I need a moment of silence with myself

18. Any pet peeves? Bite my nails

19. Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad

twenty. Something you don’t like: Brussels sprouts, I hate them

twenty-one. And something that is fatal to you: Everything that has to do with DIY

22. How do you define yourself, as a person and as an artist? It’s a little bit the same. I would tell you that as a person I am very active, very electric, but then I am very introverted and in the artistic part, well, in the end, I spit out what I keep in that introverted part.

23. Tattoos? I have seven I think and my favorite is the largest one I have, which is the one on the side that is like a 35 millimeter film and in each little box it has images referring to my friends from Galicia

24. What advice would you give to KYR4 who was starting out in music? Nothing is impossible

25. Release singles or save them and compile them into an album? Personally, I really like the romantic creation of a concept album. At the industry level it is better to release singles

26. Favorite person: My little brother

27. The best concert you’ve ever been to: As an audience, at Slipknot’s the first year they came to Spain, it was spectacular, and with me singing, the first concert I gave in Madrid, which was with Reality, Nerce and Mario Los Codes

28. What other artist would you party with? With anyone, if I’m totally crazy (laughs)

29. Most famous musical contact on your mobile: Sharif Fernandez

30. If you didn’t dedicate yourself to music, you would dedicate yourself to… I would probably be a teacher

31. For KYR4, music is… a means of expression

32. A hobby apart from music: I train kickboxing and soon I intend to get into dancing

33. What or who do you miss right now? To my best friend, who moved to Portugal

3. 4. hidden pleasure: It may sound a little bad, I swear it’s not bad at all, but I enjoy having a glass of wine by myself at home at night

35. If you weren’t KYR4 and you met her for the first time, what would you think of her? Saves more than it seems

36. Any challenge or objective to meet? Being able to dedicate myself to this

37. Verse or bar from a song from ‘No Llores’ that summarizes the spirit of the EP: “How to tell my life in years and not in the time I lost”

38. The next thing we can hear from KYR4: Next is going to be the entire new EP

39. Something you regret: from some night out for sure

40. A moment in your life that you would like to repeat: the first time I was able to give my brother something for Christmas


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