A star is born: Tate McRae runs for the pop throne with ‘Think Later’, her second album

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A dialogue from a popular television series says that “When a new Supreme begins to flourish, the old one tends to fade away”. It is not our mission to point out which of all the pop divas on the scene is withering, but to direct our gaze towards the one who is emerging from her chrysalis to fly very high within the genre. and that is Tate McRae.

The Canadian released her second studio album this December 8 Think Later. An album based on the principle of “we do it and we see”, which explores all those feelings that we can identify with when you fall in love, without forgetting the raw emotions that are experienced when you act following your intuition. Because if your debut I used to think I could fly ends with the track I still say goodnight and the reflection that, in the end, the most important thing is to follow a hunch (even if it is on a romantic level), with this project he completely lets himself be carried away by this feeling on a professional level. to entrust himself to pop body and soul. And it is a complete success.

In recent years, this young woman of just 20 years has evolved from being a potential professional dancer to an authentic popstarcapable of composing, performing and dancing his own songs. A superstar who reminds us of great figures of the 2000s, such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. We can see an example of this, precisely, in its simple exes. The aesthetics, the locations, the plans and the choreographies are a clear tribute to Slave for U and Dirrtyrespectively.

Greedythe turning point towards stardom

There may be those who think that TikTok—and its viral-making algorithm—is, to a large extent, to blame for positioning Tate McRae on the global success charts with greedy, Nothing could be further from the truth. The person who opted for the song from the first moment was Ryan Tedder one of the producers of this album and creator of countless greatest hits for artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Adele or Taylor Swift. What’s more, together they thought about the topic a thousand times until they found the key note: a result that only accepted a single path; Indeed, pop at its maximum splendor.

“The first version of greedy It was absolute garbage. The only person who could hear the entire song was Ryan Tedder. I remember leaving that session with a terrible feeling — ‘what did we just do,’ he asked me. It was insane. I didn’t like it at all,” he tells Zane Lowe in his interview for Apple Music.

“In the end, about a year later, I listened to it again and thought: ‘with this song, one of two: either it’s a great single with great choreography… I totally become a pop girl and I go solely and exclusively in that directionor I won’t put it on the album,” he adds. And the rest is history.

Dance, an asset in your favor as a popstar

Besides, One of the great references of the Canadian is Rosalía. In a recent meeting with Billboard, McRae confesses that, as a dancer, due to professional deformation, she focuses on the group of dancers behind the singer, on the technical production or the lighting. “It’s very surreal the fact that she (Rosalía) has crossed the pond and done amazing performances at, for example, Coachella. It’s very inspiring for my shows and I try to inspire myself as performer too,” he declares.

For her, this musical genre “is especially broad and flexible”, so it can be defined in many ways and, “what people want to hear now are innovative and very fresh sounds”, which is what Motomami is doing. .

Now, not only about danceable melodies, catchy lyrics (like Run for the Hills, Think Later, Guilty Conscience) and viral challenges is about this second album by the singer. There is also room for great balladsas Serious, Stay done either calgary, where he shows off his powerful and particular voice.

Finally, it should be noted that Think Later open with Cut my hair, a title that hides a revolutionary act. And Coco Chanel said that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and that is precisely what Tate McRae introduces us to: his climb to the pop throne with a second album, and 14 very good reasons in the form of a tracklist, May he grant him his long-awaited and well-deserved crown.


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