A study reveals which Aitana song is most pleasant to our ears

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The music of Aitana It has become the medicine of thousands of people around the world. And the Catalan artist has songs for all tastes and personal situations, which also remind us of a person and certain moments. But what many did not know is that it also has songs that are more pleasant to our ears than others.

This is what he pointed out Audikathe expert company in hearing health, in a study that analyzes the decibels of our protagonist’s songs. “The analysis reveals that Aitana’s stage prior to her last hit (my love) is also the most pleasant for our ears,” he explains in the statement.

What is the most pleasant Aitana song to our ears? They have come to the conclusion that it is Formentera, since it registers an average of between 50 and 55 decibels with a sound calibrator. It also highlights Phonewhich registers 53 to 58 decibels. My lovefor its part, registers 60 decibels. The latter is compared to the noise level of a city’s traffic.

How has Audika analyzed the songs to reach these conclusions? She has used a professional calibrated sound level meter, with which she can measure the noise level at a given time and place just as the human ear does.

Tips to take care of our ears

The company takes the opportunity to share some recommendations to take care of our hearing health. He advises us to “avoid prolonged exposure to high decibels”, especially when listening to music, and opt for pleasant sounds. How can we achieve it? Using 60-60, that is, no more than 60 minutes with headphones per day at more than 60% of maximum volume.

In this way, and after reading the conclusions they have reached with their analysis, we can ensure that listening Formentera from Aitana is not going to harm our hearing health. In fact, it is a pleasant song that can accompany us in our daily lives.

And you, what is your favorite Catalan song? Are you one of those who prefer fast paced or slower songs? Hard choise!


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