About US


We are a 100% student-run and creatively independent internet radio station of Emerson College. For over 70 years we have provided students with both a creative outlet and a valuable learning experience for radio, communications, audio engineering, music journalism, live events, marketing, and more.

Our organization is made up of upper management and 6 amazing teams. Milk Crate is our online publication team which covers the music community in Boston and beyond and produces a semesterly zine. WECB Live! is our events team which facilitates and promotes music events on campus and virtually such as concerts, open mics, and musician socials. Our Audio Team books recording sessions, hosts workshops, and manages recording equipment rentals. We also have a Marketing Team of students who create artwork for and promote the happenings of all facets of WECB. Another important team is our Outreach Team which reaches out to other student organizations for collaborations and local charities for fundraisers. The backbone of WECB is our Programming Team which handles DJ interviews, performs routine streaming checks, and solves any technical issues that may arise.

We strive to cultivate an inclusive, diverse, and enthusiastic music community for the students of Emerson, our Boston community, and beyond.

 Staff and School

WECB is one of Emerson College’s student organizations. We follow the Emerson Community Compact commitments to foster a more inclusive and accessible community.

  • We commit to identifying and removing exclusive practices that inhibit inclusive new membership recruitment and selection. As an organization, we recognize the importance of having a membership more reflective of the total student body at Emerson - a membership whose ideas, contributions and participation is both listened to and encouraged.

  • We commit to events, programs, and activities that better reflect our organization membership and Emerson student body. As an organization, we recognize organization events, programs, and activities should be vetted and selected by a larger number of members within an organization. We understand student organization leadership creates a system of power that can impact goals and objectives for the year. 

  • As an organization, we understand diversity, equity, and inclusion is the job of all members of our organization. We commit to creating a process that allows access for all to hold positions of leadership and the support to have their ideas and voices heard, respected and implemented.

  • We understand managing the inner workings of a student organization can be extremely challenging. As an organization, we commit to moving forward with the intent of creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all.

  • We commit to better understanding what barriers exist that stop someone from participating in our student organization. As an organization, we recognize there are many reasons why someone may not be able to fully participate in our organization.

All members of WECB are eligible to receive one Non-Tution credit per semester with participation, limited to 4 credits over the course of their college career. WECB’s advisor is D Simpson. WECB is funded through the Student Government Association.

Jo and Friends perform at the SPC

The Underground Sound of Emerson College

Jobie performs at the Paramount Theatre

WECB programming is considered “free-form” and is currently broken up into one to two hour blocks between 8am-11pm on weekdays and weekends. All genres and formats are considered for scheduling.

WECB maintains a diverse range of shows including: Pop Culture, Talk/Advice/Interview. K-Pop, Disco, Jazz, Cultural, Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B, Local Scene, Music Variety, Game Show, Film/Television, Artist Analysis, Horror/Supernatural, Indie Pop, Comedy/Improv, Country Music, Album Dissection and many more.

We are proud to support over 100 student DJs and their original ideas every semester!