Abraham Mateo challenges Mariah Carey with his own Christmas carol: ‘Toxic Christmas’

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Even though it’s November, Christmas is already here! The lights have already been inaugurated in the main cities, department stores encourage us to buy compulsively and artists are beginning to release their own Christmas carols to try to replicate the success of the queen of Christmas: Mariah Carey.

Abraham Mateo, one of the most versatile Spanish artists that we have in our country, has decided to release his own carol this 2024. It is about Toxic Christmas and is about missing a loved one during Christmas. That absence during these holidays makes those days sadder than anything else. “I was happy and now another new year passes without you. I keep looking for your gaze and it doesn’t say anything, how do we go from everything to nothing?” sings the man from Cádiz in the chorus.

Without a doubt, it is a carol that fits perfectly into the artist’s new musical era. Abraham has been experimenting with the dance world for a year and a half, releasing songs like Manic either I want to tell you. Without a doubt, the artist is in a great professional moment, being one of the most requested singers to collaborate with. Not only to sing, but also to produce songs.

In fact, for Toxic Christmas the artist, who likes a sample more than anything, has opted for the basis of one of the most successful Christmas carols in the world of pop: Last Christmas by Wham, released in 1984 and one of the biggest hits Christmas to date.

The exciting tribute to Antonio Flores: the performance of Alba Flores with her family
The exciting tribute to Antonio Flores: the performance of Alba Flores with her family

In this way, the sound of Toxic Christmas is totally in those parts. And the artist feels like a fish in water in this area. For now, Abraham has accompanied this release only with a lyric video, but we do not rule out that in the future he will be encouraged to release a video. Everything is possible.

Without a doubt, Abraham Mateo has left us speechless with this new song. We’ll have to wait and see if he releases new non-Christmas music.


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