ACHILLE LAURO “Stupid boys” among aquariums, car parks, car washes and abandoned buildings (Watch the video)

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The video clip of Stupid guysthe new single by Achille Lauro.

The video, available on the artist’s YouTube channel, produced by and directed by Davide Vicari, has Gen Z kids as its protagonists and is an exciting representation that explores the complex facets of adolescence and the eternal search for acceptance and understanding. With a unique and powerful visual narrative it offers an unfiltered look at young people caught between the search for escape and the impact with reality and outlines frame after frame a wild journey into youth, highlighting a generational cross-section.

Among aquariums, car parks, car washes and abandoned buildings with cold colors and illuminated by neon lights, the “stupid boys” with unconventional faces face the world in their own way: unbridled fun, loss of control, carnal love and expressions of anger towards The surrounding environment thus offers a sharp reflection on a generation that only finds its space away from the judging eyes of society.

Achille Lauro appears and disappears in a bathtub full of water in an empty and abandoned room, isolated in a post-apocalyptic dimension, he intones: while the buildings fall / stupid boys / before leaving each other they are the last to love each other / love in a drive-in love in crystals / horse racing a kiss and a hundred thousand orgasms / more and more…


Stupid guyswritten by Lauro De Marinis with Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci, Zef and Simon Pietro Manzari and produced by Davide Simonetta and Zef, is a song with an avant-garde sound that comes from the 90s UK garage world and links a pop piece thanks to electronic music to the urban bases.



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