ACHILLE LAURO: with the docufilm “Ragazzi Madre – The Iliad” I close a circle and open another

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“Ragazzi Madre – The Iliad” is the title of the docufilm dedicated to ACHILLE LAURO, available from Thursday 14 December on Prime Video.

The film tells the authentic and passionate story of the birth of the Lauro phenomenon, which like a tornado in just ten years, thanks to an effective combination of talent, determination, sacrifice and tireless work, achieved success.

For the first time Lauro opens the curtain on the unique story and private life of the artist, offering without filters an unprecedented portrait of the most intimate aspects of his world, until now foreign to the media narrative following the last ten years of his career.

An ambitious path from nothing to success, an Iliad of battles on the road that led Achille to his consecration, from urban icon of the extreme Roman suburbs, boy-mother of friends and children of no one to rock star on international stages and successful entrepreneur until arriving at the United Nations Building in New York as a representative of Italian Music, teaching in front of an audience of young students from all over the globe.


For Achille Lauro, born Lauro De Marinis, music has represented since childhood the visceral need to express himself, and writing, as repeatedly reaffirmed, was the saving tool that led him towards the exploration of his personal musical worlds.

Genius and recklessness, his prodigious artistic talents soon introduced him to a unique career of its kind, leading him to reach countless goals and take the stage at the Sanremo Festival 4 times.

From a protagonist of the urban-street world, the chameleonic Lauro quickly transformed into a glam icon, punk-rocker, pop star and author capable of demolishing every stereotype, always ready to renew himself and move between different genres and eras in the world of music, of fashion and art, until becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Lauro presented the film to journalists:

Mine is not just a story, but I found many similarities with an epic poem, and just like in the great Homeric epics it narrates a complex, dangerous and ambitious journey.

With this documentary I close one circle and open another!

It’s a bit like escaping from what I’ve already done and building something new.

I want to experiment, not stay still. I always look for uniqueness.
It would be very easy to always do the same genre, going back to rapping with the same interpretation I consider it a mistake, a mistake.
I think an evolution is necessary, what I will do will certainly not be a step backwards but a step forward.

In the next few months I will leave for the United States (Los Angeles) for six months.
It will be a journey to experience many different realities, create new connections, meet new people and open new creative channels.

So far everything has gone well, then we’ll see!


With six studio albums under his belt – Achille Idol-Immortale, 2014; God exists, 2015; Ragazzi Madre, 2016 (gold certified); Pour l’Amour, 2018 (gold certified); 19692019 (certified platinum); Lauro 2021 (gold certified) – which have millions of streams on digital platforms and just as many views of the video clips (among his successes are Rolls Royce, Me ne frego, Maleducata, C’est la vie, 16 marzo, Bam Bam Twist, Solo noi, Marilù, Mille, Latte+, Domenica, Che Sara, Fragole up to the latest single currently at the top of all the charts Stupidi Ragazzi which links a pop song to urban bases thanks to electronic music) has achieved immense goals of which the upcoming Prime Video docufilm is just the first piece of an impressive new chapter yet to be written.

While waiting to see Achille Lauro again live on Italian stages in 2024, it is possible to visit his virtual museum online Directed by Achille Lauro, an innovative artistic project, an incubator of ideas, creative experiences, physical and digital works, promoter of collaborations with emerging and established artists from the world of art, fashion and design. An immersive experience in the multiverse created thanks to Hadem and, which creates a dynamic meeting point between art, music and fashion, inspired by the iconic moments of his career. In fact, you can view some of the most important creative and aesthetic concepts created by the artist and his team such as the iconic Sanremo 2020 and 2021 dresses, created in collaboration with the Maison Gucci and Alessandro Michele up to the Les Enfants terribles collection presented during the international event Vogue Forces of Fashion.



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