Add and continue: Emilia ‘sold out’ at the WiZink Center in Madrid

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The phenomenon of Emily. 2023 has been a very important year for the international projection of Argentina’s pop princess and 2024 promises to be much more, judging by what has happened in the last few hours. And the singer of No_se_ve.mp3 has managed to hang the sold out sign in its first WiZink Center…and with WECB as the official station!

Emilia sells out her first WiZink

“That’s how I am, dumb. Mute with what they just did. Sold out on WiZink. What???!!! I’m very happy. I love you, my people from Spain,” said the popstar in a story that he posted on his official Instagram account to share with his followers this great achievement for his career.

Now it’s time to stream the artist’s latest album and wait for July 6 to arrive to enter the WiZink Center in Madrid and sing out loud. No_Se_Ve, intoxicated, The original, as if it didn’t matter and many other essential hits from his discography. Ready for what’s coming?

Emilia’s year

There is always a key year in an artist’s career and this 2023, without a doubt, has been Emilia’s. After positioning herself as the great revelation coming out of Argentina, the singer has established herself internationally thanks to the launch of his second studio album, .mp3. This album full of hits has been the push she needed and now accredits her as one of the essential figures of Latin and global pop.

This 2024 is going to be the year to reap the fruits sown in recent months with a tour that will take her around the world. In Spain, as we said, it will be at the WiZink Center in Madrid with an unmissable event for anyone who is looking forward to witnessing a large-scale show in person. A long time ago she sang that “do you believe in me?” and the proof that the world believes in her and is at her feet is everything that is happening to her and is about to happen. Look forward to what’s to come!


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