Aitana breaks down the dress code for ‘Alpha Tour’ in Latin America

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After completing their tour of Spain – in the absence of a third and final Wizink Center in Madrid on December 5 – and giving one last Alpha House party in Seville taking advantage of the Latin Grammy 2023 framework, Aitana is already packing her suitcase again to travel to the other side of the pond.

In just one week, the Catalan will begin the stage of Alpha Tour for Latin America. Very soon, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay will enjoy a series of concerts where it will be impossible for them to keep their feet still because they will be jumping and dancing so much.

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that she is finalizing all the details of her next trip, the artist has shared one of the key elements in their past shows to also take into account in future ones: he dress code Of each country.

As she did with our country, Aitana has published a TikTok to tell her fans what color they should wear when her tour passes through the cities where they have gotten tickets to see her live.


✨ dress code #alphaTourLatam ✨ 💚 Mexico 🖤 Colombia 💜 Peru 🩷 Chile 🩵 Argentina 🤍 Uruguay the best looks get up to dance THE BABYS!!

♬ original sound – αitana

In addition, she has used the reel of Spanish followers who have shown their complete outfits to help those in LATAM find some inspiration. And there are real looks!

“I’m going to leave you examples from the Alpha Tour in Spain, the looks have been amazing,” the video introduced.

Alpha Tour dress code in Latin America

  • Mexico: green
  • Colombia: black
  • Peru: purple
  • Chile: pink
  • Argentina: blue
  • Uruguay: white (mixed with silver)

“I really want to be there with all of you and you already know that the best looks come up to dance with me.” The Babies. I love you and see you very soon,” the video concludes.

Alpha Tour dates in LATAM

  • November 24: National Auditorium, CDMX (Mexico)
  • November 26: Movistar Arena, Bogotá (Colombia)
  • November 28: Exhibition Park Amphitheater, Lima (Peru)
  • December 13: Movistar Arena, Santiago (Chile)
  • December 15: Plaza de la Música, Córdoba (Argentina)
  • December 16: Municipal Amphitheater, Rosario (Argentina)
  • December 18: Movistar Arena, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • December 20: Antel Arena, Montevideo (Uruguay)

Now, these will be the last concerts of the era. Alpha, far from it. At the moment, her name has been confirmed for the Arenal Sound Festival 2024 lineup and, of course, she wants to give one last dance in a stadium.


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