Aitana discards a remix of ‘alpha’ and prepares the song for her next era

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That Aitana is working on his next project is an open secret. Just a few days ago we fantasized about the different paths that the singer could take in what will be the successor era of alpha. Taylor’s country? An Adele style? Will you go for pop by Sia? We also talked about the possibility of carrying out a Reputation Era now that her breakup with Sebastián Yatra has been made public. However, judging by the artist’s own statements, the next chapter of her discography is more than written.

During the soundcheck of her concert in Lima, Aitana spoke with fans and answered their questions. There were many of her, her Peruvian followers wanted to know everything, but there was one in particular about her artistic project where Aitana expanded and was completely sincere. Her follower wanted to know if she would finally release a remix of alpha. She quickly dismissed the idea and gave reasons for it. The most important? The release of the song that will inaugurate her next recording era.

There will be no ‘alpha’ remixes…for now

Although there are still some dates of the Alpha Tour and this show will be very present at the festivals that will take place next summer, Aitana announced that, with the exception of the video clip of she dancedthere will be no more news about their third album of study, at least for now. “It’s not that I’m getting bored of the Alpha era, but I’m already experiencing it in the shows and I already did it a year ago. I’m already doing what comes next and it happens to me that I’m very impatient and I don’t like to stay stuck in something because that’s how I am as an artist,” Aitana explained.

Love is over, but not music: is Aitana’s Reputation Era coming?

The artist then revealed that there was an approach with several DJs to make a remix of a song from alpha, but in the end it couldn’t be. “I was thinking about doing a remix with a DJ,” she explained. “They are very great DJs and they do things for the long term and I don’t want to delay so much the release of my songs for other people.”. And he added: “I can understand it because they are very important people that I admire, but I have to continue working and doing things that inspire me and make me happy in my daily life.”

He talks about his fourth album for the first time

A remix of alpha It won’t come immediately, it probably never will. However, Aitana’s new material is just around the corner. There is a desire to hear what is coming and it was in Lima where Aitana spoke for the first time about his fourth album. Pay attention to the words of the Catalan woman: “I’m going to start releasing other songs from what’s coming. Whatever comes still has one or two years left. There’s still my fourth album left, but I’m going to start doing like I did in Formentera”, he blurted out.

Taking into account Aitana’s words, the letter of introduction A4 It will arrive very, very soon. Will it be a Christmas gift or will we have to wait for the January slope? Place your bets!


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