Aitana has a new destination with a surprise included, after the Latin Grammy 2023

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What a week Aitana has had! The Catalan star starred in his own Alpha House last Wednesday at the exclusive Antique department store in Seville. He did it in full week of the Latin Grammyswhere the Andalusian capital became the headquarters of Latin music for seven days. In this way, our national pop princess did not hesitate to be part of this great music festival by celebrating her own session as a DJ a day before.

Aitana gave it her all in front of her Sevillian fans, playing some of the hits of the moment, and finding the perfect balance between electronic music, pop and reggaeton. On Thursday, November 16, the celebration of the 24th Edition of the Grammy Awards took place. The Spanish star did not attend the red carpet or the awards celebration, even though she was one of the faces most anticipated by the national press.

Now, four days later, Aitana has a new destination: Mexico. This is the singer’s first destination for her Alpha tour through Latin America, which begins this week (they already have a dress code for each of the dates). The interpreter of My love is about to land in Mexico City to prepare for the concert he has at the National Auditorium on November 24.

The best of all? It seems that there will be a guest artist, as she has dropped on her Twitter account: “We are no longer in Mexico (first stop of Alpha Tour Latam). My first time at the national auditorium and today I found out some news that I am very happy that there will be a very special guest on November 24 with me, I will say no more.”

Will it be Danna Paola?

Taking into account that Aitana has released AQYNE with Danna Paola on her album Alpha, we are not surprised that it has been filled with comments speculating that the Mexican star will be the first guest on the Alpha Tour through Latin America. And no wonder! The two singers get along wonderfully.

Mexico City is just the first stop on a tour of America where the Spaniard will sing on up to nine dates, passing through Bogotá, Lima, Quito, Santiago, Córdoba, Rosario, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.


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