Aitana, Lola Indigo and Ana Mena confirm their super collaboration: ‘Santísima Trinidad’

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It was wanted, it was requested and it is finally going to be a reality: Aitana, Lola Indigo and Ana Mena will very soon fulfill the wish of the global fandom and will release the most anticipated super collaboration since Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj did that Bang Bang. This was confirmed by Ana Mena herself in a meeting with the media on the occasion of her debut as presenter of La 1’s Campanadas: “It’s coming strong. “People are not prepared for what the three of us are going to serve together.”

Ana Mena and Ramón García, Campanadas 2024 / Roberto Moreno Moya

As the artist tells Madrid Citythe song will be titled Holy Trinity and will unite the three eras that have marked their careers in the last year. The single will be published in January, will last about five minutes and will have several nods to alpha, The Dragon and Bellodrama. Aitana has said on her Instagram broadcast channel that she has already made an appointment with her trusted tattoo artist to engrave her favorite part of her lyrics on her side: “The divine ones rule here. Because we are gasoline. Real gasoline”.

The three of us dance together, there is a very high energy

Lola Indigo

For her part, Lola Indigo has not been left behind and in the El Maestro Joao podcast, The chosen onehas revealed some very interesting details about the video clip of Holy Trinity. “We wanted to do something big and recreated some iconic videos from Madonna, Britney Spears, Rihanna…they have given us a lot of money, it is a blockbuster. The three of us dance together, there is a very high energy,” explains the singer from Granada.

The origin of ‘Holy Trinity’

The long-awaited super collaboration between Aitana, Lola Indigo and Ana Mena emerged in a WECB interview not long ago. We asked the most beautiful dramatic member of this featuring if there would be a real possibility of this three-way union happening and she was very clear: “I have talked to some of them about doing a song together and it hasn’t happened due to agendas or because, Suddenly, the topic didn’t fit…but we would have to do it. In fact, I tell you more: we have the obligation to do it.”

Ana Mena and the possible collaboration with Aitana and Lola Indigo



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At WECB Music Awards Santander 2023, Lola Indigo also got wet about it: “If people ask for it, you always have to give it to them. I always say that the important thing is the songs, the important thing is that there is a good song, the collaborations come by themselves. And of course the feeling: being in the studio and there being a vibe, an energy.” For her part, Aitana was not reticent either and, after dedicating her award for Best Album to them at our awards, she said the following: “Regarding our collaboration… Well, I don’t know yet, those things are not planned, I think “There has to be a good song.”

That was just the beginning of something big. In January, the whole world will be able to hear the super collaboration between Aitana, Lola Indigo and Ana Mena. Do you want to meet the Holy Trinity?


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