Aitana talks about her pending collaborations: C. Tangana, Quevedo and Ana Mena

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2024 Aitana It will also be marked by music. The artist will soon release the single that will serve as a preview of her next studio album. She will also resume the Alpha Tour in the summer to fulfill her appointments at various festivals and will put the cherry on top on December 28 at the Santiago Bernabeú in Madrid. But if we talk about her music, we also have to talk about possible collaborations, especially those that she has pending.

The guys from GQ have asked the pertinent questions and Aitana, in addition to denying a possible personal and/or professional relationship with Shawn Mendes, has talked about those songs with C. Tangana, Quevedo and Ana Mena that the public is waiting like May rain.

About C. Tangana and Quevedo

If you have been a fan of Aitana since the beginning of her career, you will know that in the era Spoiler She got into the recording studio with C. Tangana and they made a song together that she did not feel comfortable with. Well, the singer has confirmed that this topic will never come to light, although she is looking forward to working with him again. “I talk to Antón from time to time, I admire him very much and I would love to be able to be with him in the studio again, but the song we made will never come out.”“, Explain. “I was 18 years old, it was a funny topic and now we are at very different points.”

The Quevedo thing is more recent and, although many thought it was not going to come out, Aitana has clarified that the topic in question will see the light of day sooner rather than later. “You will know things soon. He will tell it, because it is his. I think people are going to be amazed, it’s strong, very cool, I love it. It’s more of a Quevedo style, but obviously with my touch“, says. “The lyrics are very empowering. Many times, when collaborations of this type were made, it was the man who took the reins, but not here.”

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What happens with Ana Mena?

Finally, Aitana is asked about that desired feature with Ana Mena. For some time now, many of us have been fantasizing about a collaboration made by the Holy Trinity – also including Lola Indigo, of course. She is willing, but she has one condition. “I have spoken with Ana once, we send messages, I admire her very much and I listen to her songs, but we have not yet put on the table to do something together. For that to happen, the important thing is that there is a good song that works for both of us. As long as there is, I am open to collaborating.”


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