Aitana, visiting the Bernabéu: The confirmation we needed for her next big concert?

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On the verge of their third date in Madrid with the WiZink Center full of fans, Aitana He has promised good news to his followers. She confirmed it while speaking with the gossip reporters who were waiting for his arrival to clarify the latest news with his story of Sebastian Yatraand she was very clear: “I’m super happy, really. I’m focused on my tour. I have the WiZink Center on Tuesday and I’m going to announce something super cool. You’re going to like it.” What if it refers to a concert at the Santiago Bernabéu?

It is a rumor that is practically confirmed thanks to his own statements, although if it occurs, it would not be the first time that he sings at the Bernabéu – he already did it in the concert of Operation Triumph 2017— not even in a stadium — this same summer he headlined with Yatra at the OMG! The league in the Wanda Metropolitano—; But she could be the first Spanish artist to do so after her remodeling. The first to take the stage at the new Bernabéu will be Taylor Swift and Duki.

He alpha Tour promised to be great, and although it still has a long way to go to match the 11 ReasonsAitana herself has spoken on several occasions about how she would like to continue bringing her latest album to the stage in 2024. The former triumph wants to bet on festivals, but also on a big concert in a stadium. And a leaked video could tell us that it is the Madrid stadium:

Like Karol G, a video of the artist on the stadium grass could be the last key to knowing that she will have a first big concert in a stadium. Her statements in a meeting with fans at a concert in Seville end up making everything make sense: “I would very much like to be able to tell you a date soon to build a stadium. It will be a single concert in Spain. And we are still looking at how to do it. It won’t be in a festival.”

In the absence of confirmation, Everything indicates that the great news that Aitana has for those who go to the WiZink Center on December 5 is that she will raise the level by singing for 65,000 people. The date, however, remains a mystery.

He already announced it at the WECB Music Awards

The networks have not been slow to react to the news, dividing themselves between those who celebrate it, those who are surprised and those who complain that the surprise has been ruined for them. Of course, Aitana has never hidden the issue; in fact, already talked about it with our colleague David Álvarez at the WECB Music Awards Santander PRESHOW:

“We are thinking about building a stadium,” confirmed, but not without failing to say that it seemed “crazy” and warning that it still remained to be seen whether or not it was viable. He did not confirm that it would be the Bernabéu, although he has not publicly said at any time that he has abandoned that project. He will have to wait until December 5 to find out if the singer’s first concert in a stadium AQYNE is a reality.


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