ALBERT HAMMOND “Body of Work” the new album of original material after almost 20 years

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Albert Hammond, iconic British singer-songwriter and producer and father of Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., returns with “Body of Work”, his first album of original material in almost 20 years, out March 1, 2024.

To anticipate the release of the album is a new song entitled Save The World Skirt.

Albert Hammond’s words and music have spanned more than half a century of modern popular music. From his early hits “It Never Rains in Southern California” and “The Free Electric Band” to his collaborations as a songwriter for classics such as “One Moment In Time” (Whitney Houston), “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” (Tina Turner) , “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (Starship), “The Air That I Breathe” (The Hollies) and “Creep” (Radiohead), his presence and influence is reflected across genres and generations.


The album was written and recorded between Nashville and Berlin during a time when the world changed dramatically for all of us. As Albert states it was “one of those moments when you realize it’s time to retreat from the world. Monks do it… writers do it too… it’s like a hunger to connect again to the inner person… the one who has the wisdom, the words and the music.”

“Body of Work” is a career-defining album that defies classification, effortlessly weaving together genres, attitudes and perspectives. From rock to folk, to Americana, from rhythm and blues to ballad, from resignation to determination, from loss to recovery, from looking back to hope for the future, “Body of Work” is Albert drawing on 50 years of expression of human condition through music. It’s a fully connected and thoughtful view of the world from the perspective of an accomplished artist trying to make sense of everything from his particular point of view.

This is the first step I had to take some time ago and the album I called “Body of Work” is what I discovered about myself and all of us once I started,” explains Albert. “Yes… I can feel the discomfort and impatience. It’s the sincere feeling you get when the world changes for you, going from oasis to desert, from beauty to chaos… from freedom to barriers.”

From the gritty opener “Don’t Bother Me Babe,” through the melancholic “Looking Back” and closing with the thoughtful “Goodbye LA,” “Body of Work” is an album made with 50 years of words, experience and wisdom.

I’m happy to be back. I hope it helps you not feel alone…really.” – Albert Hammond




1. Don’t Bother Me Babe
2. Shake A Bone
3. Save The World Skirt
4. Both Ways
5. Like They Do Across The River
6. Somebody’s Child
7. Knocking On Your Door
8. Young Llewelyn
9. Gonna Be Alright
10. Let It Go
11. The American Flag
12. Bella Blue
13. Anything You Want Me To
14. Looking Back
15. Another Heart To Break
16. Living In The Universe
17. Goodbye LA


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