Alejo shows his most personal side in ‘Te Leo’

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¡Alex It’s premiere! The Puerto Rican singer has recently released I read youa single in which he leaves out complexes and shows us his most intimate side.

Alex explores, from its own point of view, the difficulty that a successful artistic career entails with life and personal relationships. In the second verse of the song, the Puerto Rican sings: “The heart doesn’t give it, but if it’s pa’ chingar he never spares. Baby, if I don’t arrive it’s because of the routine. I’m in the studio and your name even rings in my speakers.’ Mommy, if it’s not for today, then another day, you tease me a lot but you don’t believe me. If I don’t answer quickly it’s because of stress. I’m in muse, but I’m leaving it for later. Baby, I want to do it again, mommy, hey.”

I read you It is accompanied by a video clip, which perfectly reflects the mood that Alex expressed in the letter. The video depicts the love story between the singer and a young woman, who meet in a grocery store and, as the recording progresses, we discover how the romance unfolds. The video clip is directed by Ricardo Loaiza and Dario Mosquera.

The success of ‘Pantysito’

Before even being released on digital platforms, the preview that had been uploaded Alex to TikTok of Pantyhose had already become a global success.

This topic, which has brought together the Puerto Rican with Feid and Robi, was created almost one hundred percent from social networks. And it is that Alex shared a fragment of the song on Instagram that Robi He listened, loved it and joined. From the airport she wrote a verse that was later published in TikTok. Feid was the last to join after hearing this second update of the single.

The Colombian stated that the lyrics talk about “telling a pretty girl to get ready to go out partying.”


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The young Puerto Rican admitted that Pantyhose was born during a drunken night. In an interview she conducted last year for WECB she admitted that at first “she didn’t see much potential in it, because it was actually with an experiment that we did in the studio.”

“If you ask me, I was so drunk that I hardly remember, but I do remember that I didn’t write the chorus. They turned on the microphone and we had already done the track, as well as above, and that was the first thing that came out: ‘And now it’s Christian Dior, he threw away the Huarache.’ Put on the Versace Pantysito’, that came out automatically and I said ‘that’s really good’ and we kept writing and writing and that’s where Pantysito came out,” he recalled. Alex.


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