All about Noan: the artist influenced by the 2000s who wants to win the Benidorm Fest 2024

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Now yes! We already know the 16 participants of Benidorm Fest 2024. And things are promising! And we find all kinds of profiles in this third edition of the festival. The best? There is something for all tastes: from flamenco artists to reggaeton, pop or rock. Among the artists who defend these last two genres we find Noan.

The 25-year-old artist has not only earned a place at Benidorm Fest 2024, but also in the music industry. And in the last two years he has added several great songs to his career: from I hate that I love you until You kill me. But who is she? What songs does she have? or where have you seen it before? We answer all these questions! And we want you to arrive at Benidorm Fest 2024 with all the necessary information.

Age and date of birth

Noan was born in Zarutz (Basque Country) in 1998, although he soon moved to Asturias. In fact, it was there where she began her musical career, recording her songs on her own.

First steps in music

It was in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, when Noan began his first steps in music. She did it with To See You Smile and Roller coaster. Two pop ballads where the artist accompanies his voice with the sound of a guitar and a keyboard. Little by little the artist began to make a name for himself in music. Then he released Superpoder and Don’t ask me for forgiveness.

His best-known songs

It was after Aqui Contigo that the public began to locate Noan. Although it was thanks to Raquel Del Rosario and El Sueño del Morfeo when her career had a before and after. And in 2022 the artist covered a new version of It will never come back. Of course, they opted to give it a much more pop rock touch than the original.


Since that collaboration, Noan has not stopped releasing songs with other faces in the music industry. Chill with Zzoilo; I hate that I love you with Paula Koops; and Best moments with Edurne. Three songs where the essence of the artist coexists perfectly with that of others. In fact, the topic she has with Koops worked very well both on platforms and on social networks.

Furthermore, this same 2023 he brought up the topic You kill me) with Alex Wall, a song that has not stopped adding views on platforms since it came out this summer.

Cover specialist

In addition, Noan has several covers on his social networks. He likes to cover songs that everyone knows and take them to his field: pop punk. In this way, we have been able to hear him singing Nightlight either Could be by La Oreja de Van Gogh and Dani MartĂ­n with Samantha.

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Without a doubt, Noan can give a lot to talk about in this new edition of Benidorm Fest 2024. We will have to wait for the most important thing: listening to the song he has prepared for the festival. Will he become the representative of Spain? In the new fashion hit? Anything can happen in this contest.


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