All about Super Bowl 2024: When is it, where and who is performing?

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There is only one month left to experience one of the most important sporting and musical macro events in the world: the Super Bowl 2024. The 58th edition will take place next Sunday, February 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada (Las Vegas, USA). Once again, the two best teams in the competition will play one last NFL game. The winner of said match will win the long-awaited ring that accredits him as the undisputed Champion of the regular season.

However, if there is another annual winner in this unmissable event for lovers of a good show, it is the star of Half Time. The known Halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII will be carried out by Usher, one of the R&B superstars who celebrates 30 years of experience in 2024.

The announcement was revealed on September 24, 2023 through a video that mixed past and present with Apple Music, the main sponsor of the performance. With a phone call and a clear nod to the introduction of the video clip Confessions Pt. IIdating back to 2004, Kim Kardashian, Deion Sanders, Odell Beckham Jr, Marshawn Lynch and even himself, They assured a very young Usher that in the future (specifically, in 20 years), he will fulfill one of his greatest professional dreams.

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The news arrived precisely for the twentieth anniversary of Confessions, an album that was a major success with more than 18 million physical copies sold. This celebration will be accompanied by a new studio album, Coming home, scheduled for February 9, the same weekend as the Super Bowl. “It’s a love letter to the legacy of my career… Celebrating music and reconnecting with some of the people I’ve worked with in my past. I’ve always wanted to work with songwriters that I’ve made number one records with. In a way, I come home because I’m in that comfort zone. When you’re home, you’re comfortable, you feel connected, you’re elevated and you’re inspired. There’s a lot of honesty, also some nods to what we’ve done before.”

How long is the halftime show from the super bowl

The Super Bowl halftime performance has been positioned as one of the biggest milestones and challenges in the world of music and entertainment. The first reason is because, In a very short time, you have to choose and plan very meticulously and conscientiously what you want to show, the songs that are going to be performed…

In the same way, it is performed by big stars in the industry, renowned artists with a long career behind them, so they must condense an entire race between 13 and 15 minutes longwith everything that entails: pre-production, production, the assembly of any type of platform on the stadium grass and post-production (disassembly) in record time.

As far as he is concerned, Usher was more than convinced that his Super Bowl moment was “meant to happen” and he is clear about it: “Those thirteen minutes are everything,” but what’s truly special for him is being able to “perform on a stage where so many top-level artists have passed through and done incredible work.” A scenario that, in addition, It will be the largest in which he will ever perform, and in which he will also offer what will probably be the shortest show he will give in his life.

Possible Usher guest artists

Once the headliner was known, it was time to speculate, or rather hope, if there will be guest artists on stage. Rihanna she faced the challenge alone – of course, accompanied by her second baby and a large cast of dancers; while Coldplay surrounded themselves with Bruno Mars and Beyoncé (who reunited Desiny’s Child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams). Shakira and JLoFor example, they also featured Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

All the aspects surrounding this brief macro-concert are a mystery, but in case you don’t want to experience it alone, Usher could call contemporaries like Ludacris, Lil Jon, David Guetta, A$AP Rocky, Pitbull, Pharell either Future; but also to younger artists like Justin Bieber, Gunna, Nicki Minaj either Jung Kook.

As for the setlistwe could venture to include some essential ones: from Yeah! going by DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again either Without You until Somebody to love (remix) or Standing Next To You.


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