All the tracks on Karol G’s tour in Spain take us to the Bernabéu

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Karol G is having a hard time, but it seems that the Colombian is finally going to announce the dates of her European tour. The musical star, who just won the Latin Grammy for Best Album of the Year for Tomorrow will be nice, left us with honey on our lips when he announced the shows of his tour through Latin America. Of course, at the end of the video, to the joy of all her Spanish fans, she left a “Europe coming soon.” And it looks like this is going to be a reality!

It is no surprise that Karol G is going to perform in Spain. Last July, during a question and answer session, the artist confirmed that she was looking at venues in Spain to bring the incredible show she has prepared for Tomorrow will be nice. And he needs an arena to put together everything he had on his tour of the United States. And is not for less!

Although at the moment Karol has not confirmed any date or place, all the evidence that the bug has been launching in recent months leads us to the fact that a Santiago Bernabéu is going to be held. Following in the wake of Taylor Swift either Manuel Carrasco, Karol G could be one of the first stars to sing at the new Bernabéu. And why do we think so? Well, for the following clues.

The video that generated everything

This same week, a video began to go viral in which a woman with pink hair appears (coincidentally the color of hair that the Colombian star has right now), recording in a huge stadium under construction. Although the woman is seen from a distance, the truth is that she has every chance of being the musical star. Her pose, her figure and her clothes point to her.

Also, someone is recording her with a camera, a promo to announce the show? Everyone around the singer wears a helmet and reflective vest. And it is worth remembering that the famous Madrid stadium will be under construction until the end of the year. Come on, everyone present has to carry these items for safety. Unless you are a star and need to shoot a video.

Taking into account that Karol G had to travel last week for the Latin Grammys to Seville, perhaps before arriving in the Andalusian capital he passed through Madrid to shoot this promo. In the end, if you travel by private jet, you have time to do everything in a single day.

The WhatsApp conversation

It is no secret that Karol G wants to build stadiums in Spain. Last August, the artist shared a WhatsApp conversation with her manager where they talked about the availability of a stadium in our country. “What did the lady at the Estadio de España say?” Karol wrote to him. The other person answered the following: “she already sent us the availability of the.” Of course, the name of the venue was crossed out so as not to reveal the surprise.

Karol G’s Instagram

Karol G is doing an arena tour

The truth is that Tomorrow will be beautiful by Karol G is being an arena tour. As we have seen during their time in the United States, all the dates have been in stadiums or equivalent. It will also be on his tour of Latin America, where the confirmed venues are huge venues with more than 30,000 people. In this way, it is not surprising that Karol has looked at stadiums for this tour. And what better than the Santiago Bernabéu? And the Madrid stadium wants to show off the services it can offer for tours in 2024.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait to confirm the news, but all the clues lead us to this stage.


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