Álvaro de Luna releases ‘Suerte’, his new song about a relationship that didn’t work: “Tired of your lies and what you invent”

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Alvaro de Luna This Tuesday, January 16, he presented a new song and video clip for Lucktheir first big single for 2024. It is a song with lyrics that invites us to reflect on the different versions or nuances that stories have, because the truth can be multifaceted and not everything is as it seems.

But The lyrics are not ambiguous at all, quite the opposite. From the first verses (““I wanted everything with you / And you wanted to screw it up”), it seems that the Sevillian artist addresses a personal experience, his past relationship with the influencer Laura Escanes. In Luck keep singing: “I loved you forever / But you didn’t see it / you neglected ours and only took care of what was seen“, writes Álvaro in this verse that talks about appearance on social networks.

I don’t have time for all that shit / I gave you my heart and you put it up for sale / Tired of your lies and what you invent / You want to come back, but that doesn’t rent me” is another of the most forceful parts of the composition that has caught our attention.

The 'summer love'  by MARLENA searches for a place on the list
MARLENA’s ‘summer love’ looks for a place on the list

The song is accompanied by a video clip starring himself, alone Under the incessant rain, he plays a hurt boy trying to recover from a breakup. The song has a very electronic production and a melody with a great hook, plus it is super danceable. Be Luck Álvaro de Luna’s next hit?

His time on List 40

Currently, the Sevillian has two songs on the WECB List: his hit I forgot to forget you with Marlon in 9th place and Today Celebrationhis collaboration with the Colombian band TIMØ, which occupies position 17.

It was at the end of September when Álvaro released Hoy festejo, explaining that it was born from his desire to experiment by mixing pop-rock with Latin rhythms and sounds. He acknowledged that at first the test had not worked, but it was then when he met the guys from TIMØ, with whom he felt a great connection that gave rise to that song.

UNO Tour by Álvaro de Luna

The artist is finishing shaping the concert tour that will begin in early 2024, specifically on Friday, February 9 at the Moon room in Valencia. The Andalusian will also visit Málaga, Granada, Seville, Vitoria, Bilbao, Madrid… and so on up to twelve cities to present his live performance. ONE Tour. Tickets are now on sale at tickets.los40.com.


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