Álvaro Mayo has something to say about Belén Aguilera in ‘OT 2023’ and she speaks out online

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As the days go by at the Academy, we get to know more about the 16 new contestants of OT 2023. The boys and girls of the twelfth edition of Triumph operation They are already working hard on the performances of the next gala, but in the meantime, between classes and moments of leisure, ideas and reflections arise that say a lot about their personality, their musical tastes and the type of artist they want to become. .

In these first days of living together we have seen Paul singing for Quevedo and piano. We also haven’t missed the shipping between Omar and Ruslana that has the program’s followers divided. Today, however, we come to talk about Álvaro Mayo, the participant chosen by the audience in Gala 0 to enter the most famous academy on television.

The contestant is very present on X (formerly Twitter) for his hi-haha with Martín or the fun conversations with other classmates. This Thursday, however, social networks have focused on him for the words he dedicated to one of the most important pop figures in this country. We are obviously talking about the incomparable Belén Aguilera.

“It is what I want to do”

We have to recognize that Álvaro Mayo has a musical taste based on pop divas, which we love. In fact, it premiered in Triumph operation singing by Britney Spears. Well, as the Sevillian himself has acknowledged, he would like to put together an artistic project similar to that of Belén Aguilera. “That’s why I like Belén Aguilera so much, because she makes like Spanish pop music, but the elements are something that is not heard in national pop, it’s more international.”“, explained the contestant during the group session with Mamen Márquez. “It’s one of the things I would like to do.”

These statements have been quickly picked up by X users and Belén Aguilera did not take long to speak out. “Okay, I love him,” commented the singer of Metanoia. Now, logically, we wonder if that future of Álvaro Mayo, when it ends Triumph operation and debut in the music industry, will involve collaborating with Belén Aguilera. Place your bets!


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