Álvaro Soler gives new clues about his next album for next year

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Alvaro Soler In 2023, he has given us a lot of live music and also some unreleased songs in which the soloist has been experimenting with new sounds, new musical proposals and much more that is yet to come. Because if the current year that we are about to say goodbye to has left us I’m dying, Oxygen… as news, in 2024 it promises that there will be much more.

Through their official profiles on social networks, The singer has confirmed new details of his next album project. And he has done it from one of the artist’s favorite corners of the world.

“Disconnecting to reconnect 🐟 the ocean has always had an impact on me even before I knew it myself. Before I knew what meditation was I spent hours feeling the warm breeze with its calming and peaceful power. Feeling grateful is one of the only things that help me balance again. For the past few months I’ve felt like I wanted the next album to come from a place as deep as the waters and as powerful as the currents. And I can’t wait to share what’s to come… feeling like a little child again in this incredible place 🌴” the artist explained in his account.

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Álvaro Soler had already left us some details weeks ago when he confirmed his signing for a new record label: “I focused on myself and started composing as I used to do before. Alone, at the piano, with only a blank page in front of me. A very intimate environment in which I could completely let myself go. And the music captured me. I think that thanks to this new way of working I have also created a new relationship with myself, a relationship that I have been missing in recent years. A Through these new songs (…) I have completely rediscovered my passion for music. It sounds brave, modern, mature, curious. It just sounds good. And maybe a little mysterious. In recent months very beautiful songs have emerged that are a little different from what is usually expected of me.

Testing and recording we are heading towards 2024 in which the performer will once again have a lot to say, tell and sing for the joy of all of us. “I’m experimenting. I’m not going to release Oxígeno-style songs all the time. I’m in an experimentation phase that’s going very well for me to know where I want to go. Next year I’m going to release an album with a very cool concept. Now I’m making sketches, but while I’m releasing other songs,” said the artist.


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