Amaia, David Bisbal, Estopa… among the artists who will perform at the 2024 Goya Awards

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The countdown has officially begun for the Goya Awards 2024. And this Thursday the artists who will be performing at the gala and will be part of the most important night of the year for Spanish cinema were announced. The event will take place next February 10. That night, we will find out who the winners of this new edition are, which will once again delight us with exciting moments and tributes to figures from the union.

But cinema is not the only protagonist of the night. So is music. In fact, when the list of nominees was known, the names of the artists who opted to win the award for Best original song. they are Xoel Lopez with Echoby Friends until death; Maria Herlop with Chineseby Chinese; Old Morla and Valeria Castro with Andrea’s Love by Andrea’s love; Fernando Moresi Haberman and Sergio Bertran with The Little Chicken by The permanent image; and Rigoberta Bandini with I just want love by I’m loving you madly. Now, The names of the artists who will take their show to the Goya stage have been announced. And they are amazing!

Among the artists who will entertain the awards gala are figures such as Amaiawho after her debut as an actress on the small screen with The Messiah, is willing to win the Goya stage. Another of the great artists who will perform that night will be David Bisbal, the last protagonist of the next installment of WECB Básico Santander.

Tow, María José Llergó, India Martinez, Pastori Girl, Silvia Perez Cruz and Salvador Sobral They will join the great event of Spanish cinema.

List of artists who will perform at the gala

  • Amaia
  • David Bisbal
  • Tow
  • María José Llergó
  • India Martinez
  • Pastori Girl
  • Silvia Perez Cruz
  • Salvador Sobral

The gala presenters

A few months ago the presenters of the 2024 Goya Awards were announced. Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi They will be in charge of guiding the gala together with Ana Belen.

The Javis have had a successful year and they are going to put the grand finishing touch on it with their time at the Goya. The directors conquered the San Sebastián Festival a few months ago with the presentation of their latest series for Movistar Plus, The Messiah. In the Feroz Awards, The duo was not far behind, as they won all the awards except for the one they were not nominated for – best comedy series – which went to Little Faith. In fact, the duo has just presented their new project with Netflix, Superestar, a series based on Yurena’s life.

Ana Belen It has been part of our lives for decades. Actress, singer and director, there is no generation that does not remember her and she is an indispensable part of our culture. Now, The three will take over from Antonio de la Torre and Clara Lago, presenters of the last edition of the most important awards in our industry,

Next February 10 we will know the winners of the 2024 Goya Awards, which This year they will be held in Valladolid.


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