Ana Guerra: “I like to give real data in my songs”

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Since it launched Tuesday’s light, Ana Guerra has connected with her audience through the lyrics of her songs. The Canarian reconnected with herself in that album with which she took the reins of her career. Now, two years later, Ana has released an EP where she continues to be herself: a composer full of stories to tell through her music. Once upon a time It is a gift for her followers, where the artist speaks openly about love, ghosting and relationships: an emotional journey of four songs.

To tell us all the details about this job, Ana has attended the WECB studios. There, the artist has revealed to us that all the lyrics of her songs are inspired by “real data”: things that have happened to her and that she wants to keep in her songs.

“I like to give real data because I really like it when artists I admire do it,” Ana recognizes us.

New album for 2024

Ana has also told us her plans to release more music in 2024. “I am not a person who usually releases music constantly. I need a process, then I compose and give 20 turns to all the songs. The company said to leave the album in half. We release a first part now and then a second. There is no other reason. That’s why this EP is called Once upon a time. Because it is Once upon a time something”

Furthermore, Ana has told us that she is already preparing the tour for this new year. “The dates will come out when the second part of Once Upon a Time comes out,” she confessed to us.

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About her wedding with Víctor Elías

Ana Guerra and her partner, actor and musician Víctor Elías, announced last November that they were getting married. Of course, at the moment the couple has not been able to get down to work preparing everything. And they have not stopped working during these months.

“We haven’t been able to get anything ashore. It’s true that things occur to us. We have certain things clear,” said Ana. The artist has also confessed to us that she is going to need a wedding planner to give them a hand.


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