Ana Mena closes the year in style and before ringing the Chimes on TVE she will offer an unprecedented performance at the Forqué 2023 Awards

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Ana Mena She is the woman of the moment within the diva scene in Spain. She collected the award for best artist of the year at WECB Music Awards 2023 and it is clear that it was not a random recognition but rather the constant work that has made her reach the top.

She started as a child and has done musical, film and television work that has made her a regular face of the show both in Spain and in Italy.

This year, he has established himself with his album Bellodrama which shows in essence how she understands her place in music with a mix of nostalgia of the music she listened to as a child adapted to new times.

TVE has already announced that she will be, along with Ramon Garcia, the one in charge of ringing the Bells. So be alert Cristina Pedroche You have tough competition. Whatever design you choose, we assume that the Malagueña will be spectacular and will pass with flying colors.

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Ana Mena, at the Forqué Awards

Before we can see her in another of the moments that will add to her long list of achievements this year. She is one of those chosen to provide music for the award ceremony of the 29th edition of the Forqué Awards which will be held at IFEMA Madrid on December 16.

The organization assures that, “Among the performances will be an emotional, unpublished musical number by Ana Mena.”. And we, who already know what it is like to have the singer on stage at an awards gala, take it for granted that she is already preparing that performance in detail.

More performances

She will not be the only one who will liven up the gala. One of the songs that this year we haven’t gotten tired of dancing to non-stop will also play. Nightlight It didn’t win the Benidorm Fest, but it did sneak into millions of heads that haven’t stopped playing its chorus. Vicco She will be another of the stars of the Forqué Awards who will bring the party to the gala. She is another of the artists who triumphed at the WECB Music Awards by becoming the revelation artist.

And since not everything is going to be girls, there will also be space for boys. Another who has moved between the television and music industries very easily is Fran Perea. Now that he is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his most legendary album, he will not be missing from the gala to provide that touch of nostalgia.

And to complete the poster, Stool, one of those groups that accumulate followers wherever they go. All of them will sing strictly live in a gala that they will present Macarena Gomez and Pablo Chiapella and that we can follow, live, through La 2 de TVE. We already know the list of nominees.

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20,000 species of bees, Close the eyes, The Snow Societyand Upon Entry (the arrival) will compete for Best Fiction Feature Film, while 30 Coins (second season), The body on fire, The Messiah and Little Faith They will do it for the Best Series Award.


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