Ana Mena pays tribute to Lola Flores at the Forqué Awards and becomes the queen of the night

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What does Ana Mena have left to prove this year? There is nothing that has resisted her and if at this point in the year there is one thing that has been made clear, it is that she is worthy of the award for Best Artist of the Year at WECB Music Awards Santander 2023. Hardworking, fighter, daring and all the adjectives you want are those that can summarize the woman from Malaga who, once again, has taken the stage at the Forqué Awards and has managed to excite us all.

His Bellodrama It has brought her great success this year and has made her establish herself as one of the artists of the moment. The same thing dances to you Madrid City on a coyote tablebecomes Cinderella 12 hours who dares with Lola Flores.

This has been his emotional tribute

Before closing 2023 from Puerta del Sol with Ramón García and saying goodbye to the year as it deserves, Ana Mena has given us a staging that will be difficult to beat. The artist wanted to pay tribute to Lola Flores on the 30th anniversary of her death and she has covered two of her classic songs: To Your Vera and Alms of Love.

Accustomed to seeing her shine with her unmistakable glitter outfits and surprising us with her choreographies in which she leaves her soul, this time She only needed an elegant black dress and four instruments to become the queen of the Forqué 2023 Awards. Emotion, passion, delicacy and feeling: four words are enough to summarize what the Malaga native has done on stage on such an important night for Spanish cinema.

From that Ana Mena who sang copla in her beginnings to today, a member of the Santísima Trinidad del Pop, it has rained a lot, but the artist wanted to make a return to the past and, in addition to bringing the music of the unmistakable Lola Flores, has returned to his starting point.


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