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Anastacia returns with a new album, “Our Songs” (out November 24). An album that is a collection of 12 English-language interpretations of great German hits ranging from 1980 to 2020.

The journey begins with the anthem “Best Days”, originally by Die Toten Hosen, where Anastacia’s powerful voice adds a unique touch to the German song. In your characteristic style, you also revisited “An guten Tagen” by Johannes Oerding. “Beautiful” is an epic rendition of Sarah Connor’s “Wie schön du bist” and a heartfelt tribute to her motherly love, while her rendition of the Scorpions classic “Still Loving You” reflects her her inner strength and resilience.

Anastacia’s transformative touch extends to Tokio Hotel’s “Monsoon” and Unheilig’s “Geboren um zu leben”, transforming it into the emotional “Born To Live”. Her collaboration with German legend Udo Lindenberg on “Cello” and her duet with Peter Maffay on “Just You” add an enchanting dimension to the album. Silbermond’s “Symphony” and Alphaville’s timeless question “Do you really want to live forever?” receive emotionally charged performances, which highlight Anastacia’s versatility.

The album concludes with a powerful rendition of The Kelly Family’s “An Angel,” which captures the intense emotions of the original. From pop hits to rock anthems, Anastacia’s “Our Songs” is a unique project that introduces an international audience to the best of Germany’s musical heritage. As Anastacia rightly says, this album is an innovative “first” that promises an emotional musical experience that no one has ever been exposed to before.


Best Days
Now Or Never
Still Loving You
Born To Live
Just You
Forever Young
An Angel



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