Antonio Orozco already has his new studio album ready: ‘The song you never saw’

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“FINALLY I can announce…that this will be the cover of my next album ‘The Song You Never Saw’ will be released on December 15th. ❤️ Happy to share it with you first!!”. This has been confirmed Antonio Orozco the most important details of his new album project that will arrive in less than a month.

After months of work and preparation, it seems that the performer’s new musical adventure is now ready. However, the singer has still left us with the doubt of what the list of songs that will make up this album will be as well as if we will have collaborations on it.

In fact, among the latest songs that Antonio Orozco has published we find that visit to some of the classics of his career that he has recovered with friends and colleagues such as Sebastián Yatra, Pablo Alborán… And they have not been his only releases since A few months ago he presented Revolución, the song with which he officially opened his new musical stage.

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With that song he launched a new era in his musical career after overcoming some of the most distressing moments of his career. The vocal problems that he spoke about at the 2023 Dial Awards ceremony seem to have been definitively behind us to the relief of everyone and we can only be glad that this is the case so we can enjoy his music again.

We will have to wait to see how this new version of their classics fits with this new musical stage. There are those who opt for a collection of songs from his entire career (like the ones he already presented: It will arrive with Juanes, My hero with Luis Fonsi…) with unreleased songs.

A new stage begins in which the musician invites us to reflect on what each moment of life means to us. He already announced it a few days ago in several of his publications on the networks: “I have been talking about REVOLUTIONS for several days. And here is one of mine. During my life I have been fulfilling dreams. I thought I was going to grow without stopping. My perfect imaginary It did not include obstacles, falls or stumbles. With each step it seemed that I was getting a little closer to perfection, without having to deal with the uncertainty or the weight of my mistakes. But you know how it is in life… you always find yourself surprises with something unexpected. In the end, it turns out that growth, like a robust tree in the middle of the forest, needs experiences, cycles… good moments, bad moments, goodbyes and reunions. I have discovered that it is in the midst of chaos, in the moments of crisis, where the true strength of the soul is found, where wisdom flourishes. Crises are like threads that intertwine, creating the wonderful fabric of our life and our personal growth. “And in fact, it is in the face of difficulties and crisis where I am integrating the most valuable information. Without this information, it would be impossible to achieve the goals I have set for myself after my recovery from vocal cord polyps. I especially want to thank @davidregenera and @regenera_pni for their involvement and follow-up in my daily life. The process continues. Looking forward to sharing a summer full of REVOLUTIONS with you!❤️ #latransformacion_orozco #larevolucion #saludintegrativa #saludybienestar #labuenacrisis #felicidad #saludyvida #ganarsalud #metabolismo #pni #pniregenera #psiconeuroinmunología #regenera.

Their sound mixes pop and rock with a simplicity and mastery that has reminded us of some of their most rocking touches from their beginnings. As in I’ll wait for you. That was 22 years ago but it seems that no time has passed.


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