Arcángel joins the TikTok trend of his ‘tiraera’ to Anuel AA

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The war is served between Archangel and Anuel AA. After the first of them confessed that Emmanuel is not his friend, after an exchange of messages on the networks and the launch of a tiraera, it is more than confirmed that good vibes are not precisely what there is between the two. .

But the thing hasn’t ended there. La Maravilla has dedicated some more messages to her on the networks and has also given an interview in which she made it clear that Anuel is “envious of Bad Bunny“. Given this, his opponent changed his profile photo to a montage in which the three mentioned appeared. Be that as it may, the war continues.

A few hours ago, Arcángel joined the TikTok trend that his fans are sharing using the audio from the beginning of his strip dedicated to the interpreter of Más Rica Que Ayer. “Hello? Hello? I called myself!” she says, ending with a laugh.


Merry Christmas Manuelita from SANTA,ANASTAZIO and this server. ARCHANGEL THE WONDER🫀

♬ I called myself – CondeAmir

As expected, numerous users have reacted to the artist’s publication. On the one hand there are his followers, who support each of his decisions in this beef. “We love you, Anuel’s dad”, “Arcángel is one of the pioneers of reggaeton” and “Arcángel never disappoints” are some of the messages that can be read. On the other hand are Emmanuel’s lovers, who have not hesitated to make it clear to the interpreter of Sentimiento, Elegancia & Más Maldad. “Impossible not to be obsessed with Anuel”, “Archangel, I’m sorry but I am faithful to Emma” are some of the responses.

It is still unknown if Anuel AA will finally make the decision to respond to Arcángel, but what is clear is that they have all their fans aware of every move they make on social networks. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to let it go or maybe we’ll have another tiraera before the end of 2023. We will be attentive so as not to miss anything new about this confrontation.

How could it not be otherwise, At WECB Urban we have joined the trend that is going viral on TikTok.

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Do you feel identified? Which side do you position yourself on?


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