Arcángel responds to Anuel with ‘Narcan’, the third strip in the saga

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The story seems to never end. After the enmity between Archangel and Anuel began to be made public a few weeks ago after statements by the first of them, there have been countless messages that have been exchanged on social networks. Messages that have become a challenge and that have led them to get into the recording studio to do some shooting.

Archangel began with FN8 a few days ago and the fans of the Más Rica Que Ayer interpreter were waiting for the response from their favorite artist. And so it has been. A few hours ago I arrived Glock Glock Glock with verses like the following: “You made a tiraera, you saw me and you cried. Tempo (Cry), he was my idol and now he’s a disaster (So’ a disaster) Arca, we see you here, but in 2010 you stayed (Heh) 129 thousand people at a concert in Venezuela (Do you understand?) You don’t do that even if you die and are reborn’ ( Understands’?)”.

Immediately, his enemy in the industry responded with a video and some stories on his Instagram account, but he wanted to go further. This December 18, the third tiraera in the saga of this feud arrives from the hand of Arcángel: Narcan.

The artist mentions Anuel’s girlfriend, Puerto Rico, the GRAMMYs and the concerts that he has not canceled. We will have to wait to find out if Enmanuel dares to launch a fourth installment of this saga.

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This is the letter of Narcan:

(Intro: Archangel)
ah ah
Yeah, yeah
‘Toy awake now
D-Note Is On The Beat

Santa Claus and the Elf woke me up
The Beatllionare

(Verse 1: Archangel)
Who filled you with hope? Why are you so stupid? (Ah)
The stick spits fire only if I insert the comb into it (Wuh)
You tour with cojone’, I don’t cancel the concerts’ (Nah)
And you playing with drugs, you’re smelling the Perco
The Goblin is awake (Yеssir)
Uploading my address is not a joke, you are pigs (Pigs)
You don’t cooperate, bastard, you’re an undercover (Yeah)
Mine’ I give them life, yours ‘because of you they are dead’ (Prr)
And you are another dead man (Yeah)
Tie your boots, son of a big bitch, in this one I came loose (Loose)
In the Bible it says to honor your father (Father)
And I am your pai, you came out for my bug (Wuh-uh!)
Yeih, keep shaking the pompoms
I told them, they were going to fall if they got on me (Wow)
They get together and don’t make one, looking for it to detonate them
Pass ‘through 181 and take’ shot’ with cojone’ (Cojone’!)
And so you know, my G, don’t snore me on IG (No)
You grab my left ball and the right one RobGz (Ha!)
You are a puppet in disguise, I discovered you without being Scooby
They’re not going to do three damn things even if they know my location (No!)
You’re all my children, they grew up listening to me (Yup)
Looking in the mirror, wanting to be me, imitating me (Oh, yeah)
Bastard, you passed the bug sucking me
And now he wants to be fucking me? (Oh)
You go down the toilet, good shit (Aha)
Speak clearly, Emmanuelita, do you want me to turn you on? (Prr!)
Don’t spend more in the casino, better pay off the pledges
You’re going to die from this without becoming a legend (Oh)
Hey, life is beautiful (Bella)
The most you can do to me is a complaint (No)
Don’t act like a gangster if you testified that they took fingerprints
Until death, what you are going to be is a star witness (Hahahaha)
I go, I continue, you can’t’ with me (No, no)
You grew up admiring me, your family is a witness (Yes)
Shame as a son, your old man told me
“Manuelito loves you very much, he is crazy about you” (Ah!)
When El Duende arrives it seems that we gave a coup d’état
They see the heart in gold and know that the evil one has arrived
I break them, we continue on high (Yeah)
If these assholes sail badly for me, I’m going to sink their ship (Glu, glu)
Oops, I’ll spread the race for you (Yes)
As a family you will be more piggish than Ana Cacho (Boy)
Boy, are you real to death?
And you forgot all the favors that Pacho did for you (Pacho)

(Interlude: Pacho El Antifeka)
The most important day for the most street guy of the genre
He told me: “Acho, brother, I’d rather be fine walking in Puerto Rico than having some GRAMMYs and all.”
That this, that that
He deceived me with that lip he has
Very stupid, very good
And there goes Pacho as a superhero

And there I took him, to the little boy, and from there he can set foot on Puerto Rico
But he forgot who made him set foot in Puerto Rico

(Verse 2: Archangel)
Bastard, I’m going to get you into patá’ (Patá’) from Puerto Rico to Alcatra’
You have to send your girls to the surgeon back home (Ugly!)
And the ethics that you snore in song, where is it?
Oh, right’, ‘you’re fucking with that infected pearl’ (Fuck)
Uh, you’re going to the coffin
Your wife has a face that is bigger than you
In PR they know how piggish you are
All the women he puts into him end up leaking pus (Ew)
How do you want me to talk to you so that you understand?
The pana’ that cries’ dead, it was you who set them
Oh yes, the favorite like Messi
May the brother rest in peace and may Presi rest in peace (Shh)

(Interlude: Archangel)
And I’m not going to say much, so as not to touch that key out of respect
But you know very well what a vermin, shit, filth you are (Uh)

(Verse 3: Archangel)
You weren’t ready to be a kid, talk shit about your group (Ew)
You don’t raise your children, mine are with me in the castle (Yeah)
I am your teacher, come, sit at the desk (Yes)
To download the movie, bastard, he’s like a puppet (Aha)
I feel like telling you more (Do it)
You are a shitty person and a shitty dad (Aha)
A shitty artist, rapper and human being
It’s an insult to compare you to a worm, wow (Wuh!; a worm)
You don’t have a bug, you have an ovary
I’m going to show you how a legend does it (Prr)
Replying to you was unnecessary
If your own fans are destroying you in the comments (Yessir)
It starts for the hospital that is not well (It is not well)
I’m going to turn you off the day it’s my turn to Diem (Ha)
Sugar Díaz in the ninth, ‘you’re leaving the brothel (What?)
And you struck out, wuf, you arrived extradited

(Outro: Archangel)
Hey, me
Hey, me
Hey me, hey me
Spiritually I feel in a moment that oh—(Okay)
Yesterday I spoke to Dio’ and he told me that he was going to break you, turn around
(And that was what happened)
Did you hear? (Again)
God told me no (Ju)
Don’t lose faith (Hahahaha)
That you were a piece of shit (Hahahaha, that you were a piece of shit!)
And since I am a faithful believer, I listened to him
Because before He told me
Ah!, I knew that you were a piece of shit, hahahahahaha (Oh my God)
‘We’re ready for the other one, you let me know (To give you a warm-up, nothing more)
Ha ha ha
Smell this Narcan to revive you, bastard (Wuh!)
Oooh! Wake him up (Jodío’, techato)
Yessir (More than me, bastard, heh)
You try to get here, bastard, you’re already, you’re already falling badly, heh
Now you’re there, hahaha, hey
Today’s drugs are much stronger than before, be careful, bastard
Ha ha ha
And you are a victim of her, you don’t see you, bastard
I’m so desperate that you’re going, son of the big bitch


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