Ariana Grande: bad news for fans of the singer!

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Ariana Grande posted a story on her Instagram account in which she explained that she decided not to release any more songs before the release of her album, “Eternal Sunshine,” next month.

It’s the most anticipated return and 2024 finally offers it to us. More than three years after the release of “Positions”, her last album, Ariana Grande returns with a new project entitled “Eternal Sunshine”. And to whet our appetites before its release, on January 16 the American singer unveiled the single “yes, and? “.

A great gift to his fans. Unfortunately, it will be the only one. Ariana Grande shared a story on Monday February 5 in which she explained that she had made the decision not to release any other songs before “Eternal Sunshine”.

I wanted to say… as hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song with you all ASAP, I would really like you to experience the experience of checking out my album in its entirety this time around », she confides before adding: “But there will obviously be more music outside of the album after it comes out. » Enough to reassure fans who were eagerly awaiting his return to the music industry.

More and more artists prefer to no longer share extracts from their project so that it can be heard in full by their fans when it is released. In 2021, Adèle, for example, asked the Spotify platform to remove the random play button when “30” was released. “ We don’t put this much care and thought into our tracklisting for no reason.”, she declared on Twitter at the time. “Our art tells a story and stories should be heard as we intended. »

So get ready to listen to Ariana Grande’s story with “Eternal Sunshine” scheduled for March 8!


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