Ariana Grande, magical in the trailer for “Wicked”

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The first images of the highly anticipated “Wicked” have just been revealed. At the cinema on November 27, Ariana Grande appears in the skin of Glinda in a charming powder pink costume.

The fans were waiting for it. Here they are ! The first images of “Wicked” have just been revealed during the Super Bowl which was held this weekend. Alongside her friend Cynthia Erivo, whose skin is completely green, Ariana Grande reveals herself more magical than ever in a setting as marvelous as it is unreal.

In the cast, we also find the actor Ethan Slater, the alleged boyfriend of Ariana Grande as well as the brilliant Michelle Yeoh, Oscar for Best Actress last year for the surprising “ Everything Everywhere All at Once “.

“Wicked” will be told in two parts. In this first feature film, the story centers on the character of the Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz through a musical comedy and an absolutely fantastic universe. According to this first trailer, Ariana Grande appears in her role as Glinda and remains faithful to her usual look, adored by her audience. Indeed, the star of “Yes, and? » sports her traditional angelic face with her perfect eyeliner and blonde hair that would make “Barbie” green with envy.

Ariana Grande returns to the cinema

This is the first time that the 30-year-old star has played such a role. On the Web, Internet users are delighted to discover it like this. Before becoming one of the most coveted pop singers in the music industry, Ariana Grande revealed herself to the world thanks to her role as Cat Valentine in the teen series, “Victorious”, broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel, in beginnings of the 2010s.

In theaters on November 27, “Wicked” has already been announced in the press as one of the most anticipated films of 2024.


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