Ariana Grande reveals the second cover of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and says goodbye to her adventure in ‘Wicked’

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Little by little, Ariana Grande is finalizing all the details of his seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. Your expected comeback occurred on January 12 with the release of the single Si y?a protest song whose video pays tribute to Paula Abdul while drawing the attention of the most critical press of her.

Then came the announcement of the album. A project that not only refers to Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, the film by his great friend Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet that turns twenty years old in 2024, but is also inspired by a poem dating from the Middle Ages. With the date already marked on the calendar—March 8—the singer also He showed one of the three covers that he has customized for this album.

The first cover shows the singer in the foreground, with her hands covered by red tulle gloves (with matching lips) covering her eyes and partially covering her face. The second, hot off the press, presents the artist’s back, revealing her high blonde ponytail and one of the tattoos on her neck (mille tendresswhich means a lot of tenderness and is a quote from Breakfast with diamonds). All this, while hugs someone, who is no other person than herself.

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It is a cover that has especially excited his fans, who could not help but express it in the comments to the Instagram post that he shared. “She is very beautiful”; “it means a lot”; “I’m crying my eyes out”… were just some of the messages they left him.

It’s already finished rollingWicked

New beginnings sometimes force us to close stages. For this reason, Ariana Grande has said goodbye to Wicked, a musical divided into two parts that has stolen his heart. “It really literally hurts my heart to think that I’m not going to share more days with these people. Thank you for your brilliance, for all the hugs and for holding hands during all this time,” he published in his stories. from Instagram.

“It has been a great production with many brilliant people who have worked very hard from every department. Every person who has worked on these films is not only the best at what they do but they have made every day, for an entire year, become an incredible safe space. Generous and thoughtful, they have inspired me every day as if it were the first. The fact that something so big (bigger than all of us) felt so intimate and small and homey is beyond me, but it starts from the top and you, Jon M. Chu, have made it possible,” he added with a photo of shadows of the technical team.

Wicked: part 1 will train in theaters on November 27, 2024. And Wicked: part 2 It will hit theaters on December 25, 2025.


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