ARTICLE 31 and COMA_COSE and the strange mix in “Una Cosa Bene”

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One Good Thing is the title of the new single by Articolo 31 with Coma_Cose.

A love song, about love. That love that you recognize only when you are aware of feelings, of emotions.
That love that lasts forever, the one that makes us grow together and allows us to face life’s adversities together, without ever giving up.

Love with a capital L, capable of overcoming all difficulties, which is built slowly, day after day, with complicity and respect and which transports you on /round trips to the edge of the world /forever and ever/.

The song contrasts – with sharp rhymes and full of sarcasm – the relationships capable of overcoming time with those experienced as kids, when /you go under it even if the story went too far and lasted a short week/. And only when you grow up, after having lost yourself in more or less toxic stories, can you find that love which is /the most beautiful in the world/.

A single that sees for the first time the collaboration of Articolo31 with Coma_Cose, an indissoluble couple in art and life.

/And the others who know/ What is love / when they give up as soon as they go crazy/ they sing. /Grown-up love is for few/ because few are lucky enough to choose each other every day.


The video of the song, produced by Borotalco Tv and directed by Fausto Lama, will be released at 2.00 pm on Friday 8 December. At the center of the scene eight different couples live moments of everyday life sitting on a sofa in front of the TV.

Some kiss, others argue, still others share popcorn, have fun throwing pillows… and still… they jump on the sofa, toast, or they only have eyes for their cell phones and don’t even talk to each other.

In front of them, on the television screen, a sequence shot set in the mountains with Ax, Jad, Fausto and California as protagonists and two “very special” guests in an atmosphere that is both Christmassy and naive.

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