“Attention all hip-hop fans: Find out Meek Mill’s collaboration rates now!”.


Meek Mill Announces Pricing for Featured Verses

Rapper Meek Mill has made an announcement for artists who are interested in working with him. This Wednesday, the rapper revealed that a featured verse from him will cost $250,000. However, the price of his verse can decrease to $150,000 under certain conditions.

Meek Mill’s Rates Vary Based on Approval

Meek Mill disclosed the price of his featured verses on his social media platforms. To have a verse from the American rapper on a single, one will need to spend $250,000. This amount can vary depending on Meek Mill’s approval. In fact, if the rapper appreciates the song, the price of the verse could drop to $150,000. This is far from the highest fee in the industry, as Nicki Minaj demands $500,000 for a collaboration.

Sometimes, such an amount is necessary to achieve success. Between 2022 and 2023, Meek Mill received 5 certifications, including 3 gold singles and 2 platinum singles. Out of these 5 certified singles, Meek Mill was invited by another artist to collaborate on the song..

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