“Attention all music lovers! LaRyde’s EP BIG BOAT is the comeback you’ve been waiting for”.


LaRyde is preparing for his moment. The Martinican rapper released his new album, BIG BOAT, on Friday, February 2.

Active for several years, LaRyde has made a name for himself with a unique offering that encompasses R&B, Trap, and Plug. This results in distinct and captivating tracks. Additionally, LaRyde possesses a rich and varied technical range, incorporating both rap and singing.

Throughout his music career, LaRyde has been prolific, releasing a total of 8 projects in the past three years (Vitesse, Décalage horaire, Roule ou meurs, SCIENTIST, La R & Le Big, RELAX, DERNIERS SLIMES, and MARÉE HAUTE).

Now, LaRyde returns with BIG BOAT, an extended play consisting of eight tracks and no featured artists. It serves as a showcase of his talent, accompanied by the visual for J’ENCAISSE directed by Bailey Koffigan. Definitely worth a listen..

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