“Attention French Film Fans: You Won’t Believe the Explosive Trailer for Franck Gastambide’s Remake – Get Ready to be Blown Away!”.


The Netflix version of “Le Salaire de la peur” offers a particularly explosive trailer. It only took 24 years for a remake of the masterpiece “Le Salaire de peur” (1953) by Henri-Georges Clouzot to see the light of day. And, miraculously, William Friedkin’s film, “Sorcerer” (Le Convoi de la peur), is at least as good as the original film. The version by Friedkin also takes us into the depths of our humanity and is even more acclaimed by the general public.

Both films are indisputable masterpieces and among the best works of the two directors. Just when it was thought that “Sorcerer” would be the last adaptation of “Le Salaire de la peur,” Netflix and Julien Leclercq (“La Terre et le Sang, Sentinelle, Braqueurs”) are bringing our greatest fears to life with a remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s work. This new version has unveiled an explosive, and somewhat disturbing, trailer.

Julien Leclerq has opted for a complete modernization of Clouzot’s film: the vehicles are those of our time, as is the overall technology used in this trailer. The French director has evidently decided to create a work dedicated to the widest possible audience, with maximum action (which he is accustomed to). However, the film seems to draw more inspiration from the less successful “Fast & Furious” films than from Miller’s masterpiece, “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Ana Girardot, and Fianso (yes, the rapper) are at the helm of the two trucks loaded with nitroglycerin, traversing the desert to extinguish a huge fire. They will have to face combat helicopters with grenade launchers, perform stunts on motorcycles to avoid bullets, and more. However, the film suffers from the feared “Netflix aesthetic” that is present in every new film announcement, and even includes slow-motion scenes worthy of Snyder’s films.

It is difficult to form a definite opinion with a glimpse as brief as this, but the desert does not seem as overwhelming as in the original work, and the cry of Alban Lenoir is far from the terror evoked by Henri-Georges Clouzot’s film. Only time will tell if this trailer hides a very pleasant surprise. Stay tuned for the verdict on March 29, 2024, on Netflix..

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