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We can no longer count the hits to her credit, Aya Nakamura is the most listened to French-speaking female artist internationally. And at 28, the young woman is already taking stock of her career, in an interview for “GQ” magazine.

She is one of the “Men of the Year 2023”, Aya Nakamura is officially one of the most emblematic figures of recent months. At 28, the French superstar takes stock of his life and career in an interview for “GQ”, published at the end of November 2023.

The singer returned to her inspirations and ambitions. She reveals that she started scratching her first texts at the age of 16. “ I had a kind of diary, where I let out my emotions a little. “, she confided to Rokhaya Diallo, “ I was just writing, without necessarily there being any meaning in the sentences. I made those around me read them. And little by little, I told myself that I could write a song, and see what it would be like “. The recipe paid off since hits such as “Tombée love d’un rogue”, “Djadja” and even “Daddy” propelled her, a few years later, to the top of the charts and gave her a place on the international scene.

With her outspokenness and daring personality, Aya Nakamura is a powerful woman who has managed to establish herself in a male environment. “ I realized it because everyone was alerting me and wishing me good luck. While I loved it! It’s true that I grew up in a place where there were a lot of boys. “, she remembers. “ I grew up with the same codes, so I know them well. I have brothers and friends who are boys. And the fact of having gotten into music early led me to work with a majority of guys: the beatmaker is a guy, the engineer is a guy. It’s an environment of guys and that doesn’t pose a problem for me.. », adds the artist.

Aya Nakamura: “ I would like a role that would suit me well, that is not a caricature. »

During this interview, the interpreter of “Baby” affirmed that for her there was no limit in the themes to address in her music. “ From my first sounds, I talked about sexuality. For me, there was no brake. I was just expressing my way of living, my lifestyle, with my friends, my girlfriends, and it was a mood “. A bias, which did not prevent Aya Nakamura from becoming the muse of Lancôme alongside great figures like Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o.

Many film stars who have something to make the singer dream. Aya Nakamura also imagines herself becoming an actress. “ I would love it, but with a role that suits me. I already received offers a few years ago, they weren’t very convincing, too many clichés. But I am not closed to the idea of ​​making cinema. I would like a role that would suit me well, that is not a caricature. I wouldn’t accept a role just to get people talking. “, she explained on this subject.

But while waiting to one day find her on the big screen, Aya Nakamura will soon take her first steps on Netflix in the role of coach in the show “New School”.


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