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To promote Chronicles of the KidAyron Jones charmed the Elysée Montmartre with an exquisite set.

Two years after the release of Child of the Statealbum which opened it to the international market, Ayron Jones grew up well. Successes, hits and repeated concerts, the child prodigy from Seattle is climbing the ranks at high speed, armed with his talent and his flair. He is ready to draw, facing the packed audience at the Élysée Montmartre, already heated by Those Damn Crows.

If the entrance on stage is hazardous, the master of ceremonies having forgotten his guitar strap on the way, the concert is an explosion of titles, each as effective as the next. The sequence “Boys From the Puget Sound” / “Emily” still works just as well to open the hostilities, before a surge of more recent pieces, including three quarters of Chronicles of the Kid, his latest album to date. In balance between direct riffs and vocals full of feeling, Ayron Jones electrifies the room with his energy, while filling it with sensitivity.

His group is not to be outdone. Bob Lovelace jumps up, bass in hand, while Patrick Rieflin, guitar tech who has become an exceptional guitarist, takes over. Behind the ensemble, Malachi Johnson beats the rhythm with strength and consistency. They support the star of the evening diligently, without ever overshadowing him. In full mastery of his music, Ayron Jones continues to move forward, without forgetting its influences, as proven by the finale, which is none other than a masterful cover of “Purple Rain” by Prince.

  1. Boys From the Puget Sound
  2. Emily
  3. On Two Feet I Stand
  4. “Filthy”
  5. Killing Season
  6. Otherside
  7. Supercharged
  8. Take Your Time
  9. Hot Friends
  10. My America
  11. The Title
  12. Strawman
  13. My Love Remains
  14. Baptized in Muddy Waters
  15. Free
  16. Blood in the Water
  17. Take Me Away
  18. Purple Rain

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Don’t miss Ayron Jones on his next French tour, scheduled for 2024.


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