BABY GANG two new concerts are added: Ancona and Turin (Info and Tickets)

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Two more dates are added to the BABY GANG tour. In addition to the concert on May 6, 2024 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, his show “LA FINE DEL MONDO 2024” will also arrive in Ancona and Turin.

The two dates are: April 27th at the Palaprometeo in ANCONA and April 30th at the Palaolimpico in TURIN.

The concerts will bring the controversial rapper who has earned international acclaim with his cutting lyrics for the first time on a stadium stage.


Pre-sales for Ancona and Turin are available from today, Wednesday 20 December, at 4.00 pm

April 27, 2024 | ANCONA @Palaprometeo
April 30 | TURIN @Palaolimpico
May 6, 2024 in | MILAN @Mediolanum Forum



Zaccaria Mouhib was born in Lecco on 26 June 2001 to immigrant parents originally from Morocco. At just eleven years old he leaves his family to avoid burdening himself with the difficult economic situation but clashes with the strong prejudices of today’s society towards his origins. Growing up on the street without a safe place to sleep and without role models leads him to sometimes go against the law, until he discovers that he has a voice that is not ignored, thanks to music.

His first song “Street”, published on YouTube at 17, achieved unexpected success. Baby Gang begins to believe in his artistic abilities, thanks also to the help of Don Claudio Burgio of the Kayros association, and a new phase in his life begins. What will remain constant in his climb up the charts will be his social and political choice to sing proudly of his origins and the difficulties he has experienced.

He has two EPs to his credit, “EP1” (2021) and “EP2” (2022), and two albums “Delinquente” (2021) and “Innocente” (2023), all 4 certified Gold. “Innocente” was released with the new label he founded No Parla Tanto Records / Warner Music Italy. In less than three years he has collected 2 Platinum (“Her” and “Artificial Paradise”) and 15 Gold. Among his best-known hits are also “Casablanca” from 2021 with 40 million views on YouTube and 68 million plays on Spotify and “Mentalité” from 2022 with 77 million views on YouTube and 87 million streams on Spotify, which went viral of Spotify from over 15 countries.

In recent months, Baby Gang has been at the center of a legal case and was convicted for a brawl in July 2022.



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