Bad Bunny appears by surprise at a university talk and these were the reactions of the students

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If you were ever asked which of all the classes you have attended was the most interesting, what would you answer? Would you be clear? The students of Florida International University (Miami) would not hesitate in the slightest.

And this January 26, the very same Bad Bunny It was presented by surprise in a talk before 400 students. They did not want to miss The David Grutman Experience Class directed by David Grutman, the artist’s partner in his Japanese restaurant Gekko. But what they did not know is that this past Friday’s class was going to have the presence of an international artist.

As expected, those present could not believe what they were seeing when the Bad Rabbit appeared in the auditorium. And for proof, the following video:

Grutman’s classes are famous for featuring celebrity guests. On this occasion, he decided to rely on his friend and partner Benito, for whom a student translated while he spoke. This future class of entrepreneurs received advice from him, knowledge and stories from him about his professional career as an artist and also as a figure within the business world. In fact, He highlighted the importance of relationships in these businesses and recalled how Grutman introduced him to drake. This resulted MINEan international musical success that has accumulated 1,486 million views.

Bad Bunny has also highlighted his authenticity despite the level of fame and fortune he has achieved, giving value to this in the business world as well.

As we mentioned in previous lines, Grutman and Bad Bunny have made the dream of opening a restaurant together come true. Gekko opened in August 2022 and since then, this Japanese steakhouse has received a multitude of reviews. The restaurant is located in Miami.

Bad Bunny’s appearance at Florida International University has not gone unnoticed. After saying goodbye to those present, the students thanked him for his presence amidst applause and shouts of euphoria. Without a doubt, for all of them the talk of January 26 will be remembered forever.

And you, what would you do if your teacher surprised you with a talk by your favorite artist?


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