Bad Gyal remembers when he was about to work with Rihanna: what stopped him?

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Undoubtedly, Bad Gyal She has become one of the leading artists on the international urban music scene. The Catalan’s talent has crossed borders and she has managed to get her songs to collect millions of views. This has made other relevant figures in the industry show their desire to collaborate with her. Anitta, Young Miko and Emily These are just some of those that have shown that our protagonist is among her musical preferences.

Yes indeed. Very few knew that the same Rihanna He wanted to have Bad Gyal’s voice for one of his songs. This is what he said in his interview with Chente Ydrach, in which they talk about El Guincho and how thanks to him he was about to share a studio with the interpreter of Rude Boy.

“He was working on the camps for Rihanna’s upcoming album. He was the engineer who always recorded me with Pau and they told me ‘we want you to come and be a topliner for Rihanna'”explains the artist. What is a topliner? “The person who goes to the studio to make melodies, exclusively melodies,” adds our protagonist.

But what happened so that this musical union between Bad Gyal and Rihanna did not finally take place? COVID-19. The pandemic prevented the Chulo interpreter from traveling to London to work with her. “I didn’t get it but I think it’s better because I would have had to wear a diaper or something because I think if I see that woman I’ll wet myself. And much less having to make melodies for that person because I think all my creativity would be blocked. “I’m such a fan,” explains the artist.

They say that whoever follows it gets it, so who knows if Bad Gyal finally ends up fulfilling his dream and sharing a recording studio with Rihanna?

What is clear is that the artist does not stop adding new achievements to her career. A few hours ago she performed for the first time in Puerto Rico, getting on stage at the Young Miko show to perform together Pimp Pt. 2. In addition, he has presented her new song with Nicki Nicole, Fall in love, which has also had a great reception on social networks and digital platforms. And you, have you heard it?


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