Godzilla: Bad News For The Sequel Of The Monster Movie, According To The Director


Bad news for Takashi Yamazaki and his king of monsters, which apparently won’t be returning to the screen anytime soon.

True to its reputation as a massive destructive beast, Godzilla has smashed the box office like a bull in a china shop. With over $100 million in revenue worldwide, Godzilla Minus One not only exceeded its $15 million budget, but also became the fifth highest-grossing foreign film in the United States, earning a nomination for the Oscar for Best Special Effects.

Despite Hollywood’s tendency to automatically greenlight sequels for successful films and series, being a Japanese production, this thirty-first iteration of the king of monsters is not subject to typical American industry practices.

Although back in December, the director hinted at the possibility of a sequel to his monster film, Takashi Yamazaki has now revealed in an interview with HJ Web that there have been no negotiations for a second film with Toho. He expressed his concern and potential disappointment if someone else were to be chosen to direct the next Godzilla film.

It seems that despite its open ending, a sequel to Godzilla Minus One is not in the works at the moment. While the lack of a sequel may disappoint audiences, it is in line with the long-standing tradition of the Godzilla universe, which has not followed a continuous narrative from one film to the next for almost twenty years.

While Hollywood has been quick to roll out sequels, such as the MonsterVerse initiated by Gareth Edwards in 2014, Japan has been more cautious on the matter. However, whether or not there will ever be a Minus Two remains to be seen. For now, it’s not on the table..

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