‘Barbie’, the other great winner of the 2024 Grammy Awards nominations

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It may be November 2023, but there are those who have not yet overcome that What Was I Made For? of Billie Eilish or can’t help but dance every time the song starts playing Dance The Night of Dua Lipa. Barbie is far away – its premiere was in July – but the highest-grossing film of the year is still very present in the minds of viewers. And also at the Grammy Academy.

Its soundtrack has been some of the hits of the past summer, and it is not surprising: among the names of artists that appeared in its tracklist were Charli XCX, Sam Smith either Karol G among many others, although his songs have managed to have a second life after the film. The one performed by Dua Lipa, without going any further, was number 1 on WECB last September; At the same time, it also won the WECB Music Award for Best Song in the International Category.

Everything pointed to the fact that the Oscars were going to be the film’s great opportunity to shine, especially in its musical section; but the Grammys have beaten him to it. And, after knowing all the nominations, Barbie is very present in several of them, including some of the most popular categories.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in a scene from ‘Barbie’. / Warner

Best recording of the year, Best pop solo performance and Best song of the year go to Billie Eilish, who shares the category with her counterpart Dua Lipa in the latter. Elish does it with her emotional What Was I Made For?while Lipa has achieved it with her dance Dance The Night. And they are not the only ones.

Ice Spicewho can also celebrate his nomination for Best New Artist, is present in one of the candidates to win Best Rap Song and Best Composition for Audiovisual Media thanks to Barbie Worlda topic that he shares with Aqua and Nicki Minaj. Although this category is totally pink.

In Best Composition for Audiovisual Media, only one difference Rihanna quite shy with its powerful Lift Me Up for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; the only one that doesn’t sound Barbie. The rest is the aforementioned Barbie World, Dance The Night, What Was I Made For? and I’m Just Keninterpreted by Ryan Gosling.

The new Barbieheimer

But the nominations for the soundtrack of the film do not end there. Greta Gerwig. In the category Best Soundtrack for an Audiovisual Medium we find John Williams doing double with The Fabelmans and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinyto Ludwig Göransson with Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverAnd the Barbieheimer resurrected

Oppenheimer compete again with Barbie, although this time it will not be at the box office, but for a golden gramophone. While the movie Christopher Nolan has a soundtrack signed by Göransson, also responsible for Black Panther; Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt They sign the pinkest music that has given the entire billboard of 2023. Will the Grammys be the start of an awards season that returns the Barbie phenomenon to the social debate? On February 4 we will clear up doubts.


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