Bardo José premieres “Painting the Smoke”

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The Ecuadorian artist premieres his new single as part of what will be his next album.

The Ecuadorian artist, currently based in Barcelona, Bard Joseph who credits the name of his project to the combination of his middle name together with the Tibetan book of the dead Bard Thodol that he met through the movie Enter The Void of Gaspar Noahreleased his single “Painting the Smoke.”

This song comes to present what will be his third studio album The Age of Monsters, which the artist has been working on since 2022. This album will tell stories of a post-apocalyptic world and explore the seductiveness of the anxiety of collective annihilation that society is currently experiencing. The main source of inspiration for this concept was the science fiction book Galapagos of Kurt Vonnegut which is an anchor between stories that look to the future and a critical relevance for the chaotic present we live in.

Bard Joseph It is also an audio-visual project that combines influences from indie, new wave, dance and dream pop. He emerged at the end of 2018 in Ecuador and in his own narrative thread as an artist he touches on topics such as the relationship with death, and the integration of technology into everyday life. The project has released two full-length albums: Bard Joseph, Vol.1 and No Ordinary Realities, Vol.2. Each album has been conceived as an interactive world around the work and has been presented in an art gallery in the city of Quito.

In this creative stage Bard It is inspired by the sounds of psychedelic rock of the 60s and the indie movement of the last decade. Artists and projects like Beck, The War on Drugs, Flaming Lips, Gustavo Cerati, Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Grizzly Bear and tame Impala They are references for the artist.

This new album will have seven tracks and was mixed by dan Molad Los Angeles producer, and drummer for bands like Coconut and Lucius and was mastered by the prestigious sound engineer Antoine Chabert who has previously worked with projects such as daft punk in the album Random Access Memories, Polo and Bread, Angeleamong others.

“Painting the Smoke” It is the first single from the album and is about the dance of smoke and delicate movements that fade, leaving behind a feeling of longing for what has been experienced.

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