Belén Aguilera covers Rocío Jurado in her last concert

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Belen Aguilera The checkered flag has dropped to start his tour METANOIA. She did it in Barcelona on November 5 at the Sala Razzmatazz. At the moment, the singer of SUPERPOP He has only confirmed two dates for Barcelona and another two for the capital, although he is expected to announce concerts in more cities in our geography soon.

Those lucky enough to have been able to get tickets for the second date in Barcelona on December 8 and for Madrid on November 17 and December 3 will enjoy a show full of unexpected surprises just as happened on this first date.

For this second tour, Belen Aguilera He prepared a very varied setlist: obviously, there was no shortage of songs that make up his latest EP Metanoianor did his most famous songs, such as Antagonist either Chameleonas well as his particular version of a classic of the same Rocío Jurado.

The Catalan woman, sitting in front of the piano, intoned match pointunder the watchful eye of the public who, of course, did not expect this interpretation at all.

Back to the classics

Currently, there are many singers who rescue songs from the 80s, 90s or 2000s to make their own version.

One of the examples that first comes to mind is surely the adaptation that Saiko made the mythical theme of Melendi, A fiddler on your roofin his single Supernova. In the chorus of the single, which soon became number one, the man from Granada sings: “I don’t understand it, it was so ephemeral, the walk of your de’os on my back drawing a heart. And I ask heaven to understand, this ‘attack’ of jealousy’ if I don’t see you again.”

Aitana also joins this wave of rescuing classics. And he does it in The Babies at the pace of Saturday Night of Whigfield. In this catchy and danceable song, the Catalan has used a sampler that, like Saikohas used in the chorus: “dee dee na na na”.

In her last concerts, the Argentine Tini has made his own interpretation of a theme of Alejandro Sanz. Is about Broken heart and it is due to the beautiful friendship he maintains with the Madrid singer-songwriter after both of them have been on the program. The voice.

And you, what old song would you like to hear covered?


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