Belén Aguilera shows us the other side of pop in ‘MR HYDE’

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After Metanoia, Belén Aguilera returns to the fray with a new single: MR HYDE. This title, of course, refers to the famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson —The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde— and her verses reflect on her insecurities and deepest feelings that come to light in the form of involuntary impulses, a very recurring theme in the Catalan’s discography.

The song has been produced by D3plain and co-produced by Belén herself, thus demonstrating her ability to experiment to the limits of pop and immerse usonce again, in his love for hyperpop, cAs he already confessed in a past interview with WECB when he launched Co-pilot. “It was a challenge and a necessity to explore these worlds of electronic pop in Spanish, because the United Kingdom is full of references of this type of music,” but he believes that in our country it has yet to be explored and exploited, he commented.

“You can tell if you look at my face / heroine of the movie or the villain / I’m Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde… There are two faces”, is part of the chorus. A metaphor for dissociative identity disorder on which the popular literary work is based to “address mental health and the emotional challenges that a person faces in difficult times.”

With this single, the one known in her day as “piano girl” reintroduces us to its inner world, a more mature universe that SUPERPOP and that is closer to the line of Metanoia.

MR. HYDE, In addition, it was one of the three unreleased songs that he presented in his last concerts of the year. She also premiered Lolita (song that opens the show) and Thelma and Louise, his long-awaited collaboration with Julieta. It is still unknown if these compositions will remain in individual releases (as they were Antagonist and Co-pilot); or, if on the contrary, They will be part of a deluxe edition of their previous EP.

Likewise, a question arises: Is hyperpop/electronic pop a point of no return for Belén Aguilera? Has he found his place here to expand his artistic growth?


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